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Pratt & Whitney unit gets deal for DART-750 engines

Pratt & Whitney Canada, a business unit of Pratt & Whitney, announced today that Diamond Aircraft has selected the PT6A-25C engine to power its new DART-750 aircraft, an all-carbon fibre tandem turboprop trainer equipped with state-of-the-art avionics.

“We are pleased that Diamond Aircraft has selected the PT6 turboprop, the most popular engine in its class, to pursue its DART program,” said Nicholas Kanellias, Vice President, General Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “The selection of the PT6A-25C for the Austrian-designed and manufactured DART-750 acrobatic trainer, further asserts the dependability, versatility and flexibility of this engine family.”

“The PT6A-25C is a proven engine that is already certified, allowing us to target 2023 for the basic EASA civil certification of the DART-750,” said Liqun (Frank) Zhang, Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Aircraft. “We see huge potential for the aircraft in the government training market and we believe the DART-750 is the perfect choice for the future basic training of pilots.”

Known for its broad power range, dependability and proven performance in all flying conditions and environments, the PT6A engine family is in a class of its own having flown more than 425 million hours, building upon the experience gained within the entire Pratt & Whitney Canada fleet at over 900 million flying hours. The PT6A has seen 120 enhancements made in the past 10 years alone, and more than 50,000 engines have been produced; 25,000 of them still fly. The PT6 turboprop is the benchmark in reliability and is considered to be the most versatile turboprop engine in General Aviation, which speaks to its dependable performance in single- and twin-engine aircraft.

“Diamond Aircraft has been a dynamic player in the General Aviation market for more than 40 years and we welcome the company as the latest airframe manufacturer to realize the tremendous capabilities of our PT6A engine,” said Anthony Rossi, Vice President, Business Development, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “We worked closely with Diamond Aircraft to determine the best powerplant for the DART-750 and believe the PT6A-25C will provide the exceptional pairing our customer is looking for.”

The R-1340 Powered AT-6 Texan from the Cockpit Pilot View

The best indication of how good a trainer the AT-6 Texan was/is can be seen by the fact that here we are forty years into the jet age and there are still countries around the world using the North America aerial classroom as first-line trainers. As recently as five years ago, major air forces still used it and it is the updating of those air forces which has pumped so many surplus T-6s into the American civilian market.

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Cessna SkyCourier Begins Final Phase of Flight Testing

The certification flight test phase of the Cessna SkyCourier development program has begun after the twin-turboprop checked off a number of milestones and continues its march toward FAA type approval and first deliveries later this year. So far, Textron Aviation’s fleet of three SkyCourier flight test vehicles (FTV) has accumulated more than 700 hours since the first flight of the high-wing airplane in May 2020.

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Epic Aircraft Completes Delivery of First Two E1000 Planes

Company primed to start delivery of more planes following COVID-19 slowdown.

Epic Aircraft LLC has completed the delivery of two E1000 aircraft, the first of several E1000s that will eventually be in the hands of customers in countries and regions across the globe, including Russia, South Africa, Europe and South America.

The first aircraft delivery was completed in February, and the second delivery was made a week ago following delays caused by COVID-19 restrictions, according to a release from the Bend-based aircraft builder.

The E1000 has been in planning and production by Epic Aircraft for eight years, and completion of the initial delivery gives the company and its customers confidence that more planes will soon roll off the production line.

Production is also good news in today’s tough job market as the company employs over 300 workers in Bend.

“The E1000 is a remarkable aircraft, and seeing the enthusiasm of our owners as they take delivery is extremely gratifying,” said Eric chief executive Doug King.

“This is the successful culmination of eight years of hard work, extensive investment, and a passionate belief in our product.”

Photo via Epic Aircraft.

The E1000 is an all-composite, single-engine turboprop aircraft capable of flying coast to coast with just one fuel stop. The plane has a 1,200-horsepower PT6A-67A engine built by Pratt & Whitney and can travel at 330 knots. The plane can climb 4,000 feet per minute and is RVSM certified to fly at 34,000 feet. The company announced it had received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for the E1000 in November.

Advanced deposits for the plane have been made by customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other countries in Latin America and Europe. The company produces the planes at a 300,000 -square -foot facility at the Bend Airport.

Epic reports that it is working at full capacity and the company intends to ramp up customer deliveries as soon as possible following a slowdown caused by COVID-19.

“The challenges presented by COVID-19 have been unexpected and considerable,” said King. “But never underestimate the skills and determination of our dedicated staff, who have persevered, engineered, and improvised in order to keep our production lines moving.”

Article via The Bulletin.

Acorn Welding receives approval on exhaust stacks for DHC-6 Series Twin Otter

Acorn Welding Ltd has received STC approval from Transport Canada on new, next generation exhaust stacks for the DHC-6 Series Twin Otter Aircraft. This STC utilizes modern streamlined exhaust stacks developed in house by Acorn Welding that have been optimize for maximum recovery of loss from the PT6A family of engines.

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All About the PT6A Powered Beechcraft King Air C90GTX

The King Air® C90GTx is a whole new world of flying that offers the impressive King Air qualities of performance combined with comfort. This versatile workhorse has great range and payload due to its features like composite winglets, swept-blade propellers, and dual aft strakes. The King Air C90GTx is a favorite aircraft.

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Thrush Aircraft Establishes $35,000 Bonus Incentive On New Aircraft Purchased Before January 31, 2020

(Albany, Georgia)  Thrush Aircraft has announced the return of its popular “Thrush Bucks” program, which rewards the purchaser of every new Thrush with $35,000 that can be spent on parts, options or training programs at the company. The Thrush Bucks program was first unveiled at the 2014 NAAA Convention and proved an immediate success. So much so that customers continued to ask about it years after it initially concluded.

“We understand buyers have choice – not only in the aircraft they choose, but in the timing of their purchase” said Eric Rojek, vice president of Thrush Aircraft. “And to help make that decision a little easier, and hopefully a little faster, we decided to re-instate Thrush Bucks for a limited time.”

The Thrush Bucks incentive program will be in place between now and January 31, 2020. To qualify, a customer need only place an order for a new Thrush, along with a standard deposit. In return, Thrush will award the customer $35,000 in Thrush Bucks, which can be spend on parts, options or any one of the company’s training programs for their new aircraft.

“We wanted to be sure and have this program in place prior to the new spray seasons – both in the U.S. and around the world – to enable buyers to obtain a build slot that would ensure their new aircraft was ready to go right to work” said Mr. Rojek. “It truly represents a win-win for both our customers and for our company – and, most important, it puts more new Thrush aircraft in air and working hard in a short amount of time.”

“$35,000 is a significant amount of money that will hopefully turn the head of just about any operator” Mr. Rojek continued. “It’s our way of putting some additional proof and real strength behind our message that that Thrush is back – and back stronger than ever.”

For more information on the Thrush Bucks program, or to place an order for a new Thrush, customers are invited to call Eric Rojek at (229) 789-0437.

Aircraft Thrush Aircraft Produces


The most dramatic innovation in agricultural aviation since the turbine engine could very well be the Thrush 510G. We’ve teamed exclusively with GE to produce this new-generation aircraft powered by the GE H80 turbine engine. The H80 provides increased temperature margins to enhance hot-day takeoff performance and high-altitude cruise speeds. This takes the 510G model to new levels of performance with a power output of 800 SHP above 100º F, increased SHP, lighter airframe, not to mention a low acquisition cost. And, like all Thrush aircraft, the 510G delivers plenty of thrust for full payload performance without sacrificing one bit of its amazingly agile handling.

Thrush 550G


Year after year, the Thrush 510P sets the standard for low maintenance, great handling, and the highest performance in its class. That’s not surprising since the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6-A powered 510P has continually evolved to take advantage of the latest technologies available. From MVP engine monitoring to advanced wire strike protection, the 510P is designed and built to work as hard as you do—and, like every Thrush, deliver the level of productivity, security and value you’ve come to expect from the most innovative aircraft manufacturer in the business.

Thrush 510P

Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG

Hopper capacity Liquid
510 Gallons (1,930 liters) Dry: 66 cu ft (1.87 cu meters)

Typical operating weight
10,500 lbs (4,763 kg)

Takeoff distance at 10,500 lbs
1,530 feet (466 m)

Landing distance w/reverse
400 ft (122 m)

Cruising speed at 55% power
150 mph (241 kph)


Imagine an aircraft that has set the ag industry standard for tough dependability and you’ve got the Thrush 550P. It offers you a 29,000-hour wing spar life and a 550-gallon clear-view hopper. No wonder this aircraft is renowned for its solidly rugged construction and revered for its simplified systems and worry-free maintenance. Now add the fact that its wide-stance spring landing gear is capable of absorbing 8,800 pounds on short, rough strips and its optional spring steel landing gear can be added to increase weight for takeoffs and landings, and you can pretty much check off whatever’s on your “to-do” list.

Thrush 550P

Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60AG

Hopper capacity – liquid
550 Gallons (2,081 liters)

Hopper capacity – dry
66 cu ft (1.93 cu meters)

Typical operating weight
10,500 lbs (4,763 kg)

Takeoff distance at 10,500 lbs
1,077 ft  (328 m)

Landing distance – w/reverse
400 ft (122 m)

Cruising speed at 55% power
150 mph (241 kph)

Ferry range at 45% power
770 sm (1,238 km)


The new Thrush 710P is one of the world’s most powerful ag planes featuring one of the best swath and spray patterns available today. Plus, it boasts incredibly stable flight characteristics with performance to match. The 710P is one of those airplanes that descriptions do not do justice—you have to fly one for yourself to see if they’re really as good as everyone says. And when you push the throttle, you’ll feel the power and control you won’t find in any other airplane. Of course, the fact that it’s the crop spraying airplane of choice for negotiating rough strips, small fields, and obstacles should make you feel pretty darn good about the 710P, too.

Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65AG

Hopper capacity – liquid
710 Gallons (2,687 liters)

Hopper capacity – dry

Typical operating weight
14,150 lbs (6,418 kg)

Takeoff distance at 14,150 lbs
1,598 ft (487 m)

Landing distance – w/reverse
600 ft (122 m)

Cruising speed at 55% power
150 mph (241 kph)

Ferry range at 55% power
600 sm (966 km)

710 P

About Thrush Aircraft Company

Headquartered in Albany, Georgia, Thrush Aircraft manufactures a full range of aerial application aircraft used in agriculture, forestry and firefighting roles worldwide. Founded in 2003, Thrush is well-known for building the most durable aircraft in the aerial application and firefighting industries – as well as the best flying – from both pilot and operator perspectives. All Thrush models provide superb visibility, light control response, and a high degree of maneuverability and speed, along with superior efficiency and low direct operating costs. Today there are more than 2,400 Thrush aircraft operating in some 80 countries around the world.