10 Reasons Why The Pilatus PC-12 Is One Of The Best Turboprops On The Planet

From short grass strips to high-altitude cruise, the Pilatus PC-12 is one of the best performing (and awesome) turboprops out there. Here are 10 reasons why.

1) 1,029 pounds of payload, with full fuel

The PC-12 is a heavy-lifter and can carry over half a ton of payload with full fuel. That’s impressive.

From http://www.pilatus-aircraft.com

2) 1,200 Horsepower

The famous Pratt & Whitney PT6A engine cranks out 1,200 horsepower – enough to get you in and out of almost anywhere.

3) 66 knot stall speed

This is a big airplane with a very low stall speed – thanks to its high-performing wing.

4) 280 KTAS cruise speed

Not only can it fly slow, this airplane can get up and go at altitude.

From http://www.pilatus-aircraft.com

5) 30,000 feet

And, it can get way up in the flight levels.

6) Up to 9 passengers

There’s plenty of room inside – enough for you and 8 of your friends.


7) Trailing link gear

Any pilot can appreciate this. Trailing link gear help you grease your landing on even the most rough airstrips.

8) Garmin G600 avionics

So you know what’s going on around you.

9) Special missions

The PC-12 has become a favorite of air ambulance operators around the world. With excellent short field/unimproved strip performance, great payload, huge cabin, and low operating cost, it’s an excellent way to transport patients.

10) 1,920 FPM rate of climb (MTOW)

There’s no shortage of climb performance here. You’ll be blasting off the runway at nearly 2,000 FPM at max gross takeoff weight. And that sounds like fun to us.

Why do you love the Pilatus PC-12?

This great list first appeared over at BoldMethod by Colin Cutler.

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