An Aircraft Engine MRO Provides Thousands Of Hours Of Experience That Others Don’t

An Aircraft Engine MRO Provides Thousands Of Hours Of Experience That Others Don’tWhat is an authorized MRO? You have probably dealt with a number of different MROs, yet the actual meaning of the acronym is easily forgotten throughout the aviation supply chain.

MRO stands for “maintenance, repair, and overhaul,” and it reflects the versatility that such an organization should be able to offer to your enterprise if you are in commercial flight.

An MRO is a major supply chain partner because it can do all of the following:

  • Extend the life of your existing parts by enacting best practices in terms of maintenance.
  • Quickly get damaged or worn down parts back into service with a high degree of safety.
  • Totally resolve potentially complex technical and mechanical issues within components.


The MRO Mark Of Quality Is A Lasting Sign Of Excellence

Nothing in the designation “MRO” says anything about sales, yet at Covington Aircraft, we’ve rolled the sales function into what we do so that we can support your supply chain from end to end.

When all is said and done, getting and maintaining MRO status requires thousands of hours of effort. That’s because so many different members of the team have to sharpen their skills and knowledge to the utmost to attain this designation.

Integrating sales into the concept is the logical next step, since it means we can add yet another important point to what an MRO does: Provide you with complete strategy for development and deployment of new aircraft engines and components.

When you want to test or trade up to Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines, for example, you can count on us. Thus, even in the world of Pratt & Whitney MROs, we can stand out and leverage economies of scale to help reach your operating objectives.


Whether Your Fleet Is New Or Growing, Always Trust Your Needs To An Authorized MRO

The world of aircraft engine sales and maintenance is growing every day. You have more options than ever for finding the components and services that you need. However, even under these conditions, it’s important to get the best assistance from the most trustworthy source.

When it comes to aircraft engines, there’s no room to “second guess” the quality of the machines that you have bought or maintained. That’s why you should always use an authorized MRO.

As an authorized MRO associated with Pratt & Whitney, Covington Aircraft proudly offers the most advanced sales, service, and support for some of the world’s most popular aircraft engines.

Contact us today to speak to an expert and discuss your needs. We are glad to serve pilots and fleet managers, single aircraft and growing fleets of any size. You’ll see the difference with us!

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