Understanding The Operation Of A Gas Turbine Engine

Understanding The Operation Of A Gas Turbine EngineAn airplane is truly a modern marvel. A couple of centuries ago, flight was the stuff of dreams – until that famous flight at Kitty Hawk. Today’s aircrafts are the culmination of years of research, engineering, and development. They rely on a lot of different components including wings, bodies, navigation instruments, and more, but behind it all is the engine that powers the aircraft and propels it forwards.

There are several different types of aircraft engines that are used in planes today, but one of the most common is certainly the gas turbine engine. A turbine engine is available in numerous styles, sizes, and designs and is used in numerous planes throughout the world. There’s a good chance that your own aircraft use a gas turbine engine, in fact.

However, as common as they are, the fact is that many aircraft pilots or owners don’t fully understand the internal operation or how the engines really work. These are machines that your life is literally depending on, and it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding about just how they operate. Here’s a look at the basics.

Basically, the gas turbine uses internal combustion to help turn the turbines, which in turn will power the propeller of the plane. It’s very similar to steam energy and even has some similarities with the kind of hydroelectric power that dams can often generate or the large wind turbines that are gaining in popularity. Some force turns the turbine, which in turn creates electricity or energy that powers the device attached to the turbine itself.

When in operation, fresh air flows into the engine and into a compressor. This compressor compacts the air into a tighter space, which in turn builds up pressure within the chamber. With that done, fuel is sprayed from the fuel tanks into the combustion chamber and it’s then lit on fire. This reaction creates a huge blast of hot air, which enters the turbine. As it passes through the turbine it powers a shaft work which then creates the power that operates the engine.

It’s an incredibly straightforward process and one that is easy enough to understand. Of course, learning more is always a good idea and if you’re still looking for a more in-depth look at how these engines work you can check out this website for more information. Learning more about the turbine engine will help you get more from your flights and understand more about what’s going on as you take to the skies.

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