If You Are an Aircraft Enthusiast, These Books on Aircraft Are Must-reads – 4 through 7

We gave you our top 3 books on aircraft that every aircraft enthusiast should read. Here are the final 4 in our top 7. Happy reading and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

covington-aircraft-books-on-aircraftSquawk 7700, by Peter Buffington, self-published.

This amazing book is the personal account of the author’s career as a pilot, including his early days of learning to fly, and the sacrifices, focus and emotions of being a young aviator.  If you are thinking about a career in aviation, or if you fly on airlines, this is a must-read.  This book is endorsed by Jeff Skiles, who was the first officer on U.S. Airways Flight 1549 which ditched in the Hudson River on January 15, 2009.

Aviation’s Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Winged Wonders, Lucky Landings, and Other Aerial Oddities, by Steven A. Ruffins, Potomac Books, Inc.

books-on-aircraft-covington-aircraft-22Besides having one of the longest titles in history, this book is a compilation of top 10 lists about aviation oddities and wonders.  For example, Will Rogers died in a plane crash in Barrow, Alaska.  At the time of the crash, he was working on an article.  The last word he typed was “death.”  This book is full of interesting, fun and bizarre history and facts, making it a must-have for any aviation buff.

The Cannibal Queen, by Stephen Coonts, Pocket Books.

Stephen Coonts is known for several books about flying.  To his credit are such well-known classics as Flight of the Intruder, Under Siege and Cuba.  In The Cannibal Queen, he turns from fiction to storytelling in this tale of flight that takes place in 1991.  It is the story of flying across the United States and touching down in each of the 48 contiguous states in a 1942 Stearman vintage biplane.  Upon completion of the book, it is highly recommended that one take a cross country flight… somewhere.  This work is magical to read and masterfully written.  Aviation enthusiasts will want to read it again and again to experience the flight.

Johnathon Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach, Macmillan.

No writing of books on aircraft would be complete without mentioning Richard Bach.  Picking one of his books to mention above the others is a difficult task.  The book chosen was chosen as it is about flying, perhaps not in a craft, but the pursuit of excellence in doing what the main character was meant to do.  Nothing this writer knows could be more descriptive of the spirit of an aviator.  The story is about a seagull that learns to fly faster than any other.  At first it is to dive deeper into the water to catch the bigger fish, but as he continues to perfect his craft, it becomes the art of the performance that is paramount.  This is another magical read for an aviator of any age.

This list of must-reads for aviators and aviation fans is brought to you by some of the biggest fans there are.

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One thought on “If You Are an Aircraft Enthusiast, These Books on Aircraft Are Must-reads – 4 through 7

  1. I have read all these books. Yes… I read a lot. But the one that I have nothing good to say about is Squawk 7700. The reason is… the author is whiny. Yes, the challenges were (and are) there, but he always had a reason “why” he couldn’t do something. And then he complained.

    He didn’t want to leave his girlfriend. Seriously? What was he going to do when a major airline based him in another country? On the way to an interview, he climbed aboard a plane in the middle of the night without asking where they were going… what pilot does that? But the thing that finally did me in, was when he said he was paying his dues in 97, and all those rich kids whose daddy’s bought them their hours and school were getting hired. He had the hours. He could have got hired. I know for a fact all the airlines were hiring 96/97.

    There were 35 people in my new hire class at NWA. All different levels of experience. I worked my ass off to get there. Went general aviation and this was my 7th Airline. He did not try. It was easier to complain and play victim, than step up to the plate.

    The take away I got from this book is that not everyone is meant to be a pilot. His personality and the way he attacked his career is not the captain I want in charge of my plane when things are falling apart in the middle of the night.

    I refrained from leaving a negative comment on Amazon, because I do not believe in trashing people. My comments are not about the book and the writing, but the personality behind the author and the career path he chose.

    The bad thing is he paints a not so realistic view of reality. I know. I was on the same path at the same time. But for anyone who has not worked their ass off and achieved their dreams, or those who failed to try because they thought it was too hard… or for those who just like to read about someone down and out… this book is for them.

    For all others, I’m not so sure.

    But thank you so much for the great list!

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