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Pratt & Whitney Turbine Conversion Packages

A turbine conversion, designed for Pratt & Whitney AG Cats and M18 Dromader, offers more productive and profitable jobs flown.  Turbine conversion provides quicker take-off, enables your plane to climb faster, turn tighter and handle the heavy loads required of agriculture planes.

AG Cat Pratt-Whitney-Turbine-Conversion-Packages-448x198

Covington Aircraft offers a turbine conversion for the AG Cat that includes new engine mounts, fiberglass cowling, elevator servo, new firewall forward, K&N standard filters, and many other services not offered by competitors.  Because agriculture planes carry heavier loads and are required to make tighter turns than piston-powered planes, turbine conversion provides more power and a longer engine life for your plane.

M18 Dromader

For the M18 Dromader, Covington Aircraft offers a turbine conversion that includes a new replacement Firewall Forward, fiberglass cowlings with quarter turn One Man easy access, new steel battery plate, RAM Air System with K&N filters and many other services that other aircraft maintenance companies do not offer.

Other Services Offered by Covington

In addition to the experienced staff that will perform the turbine conversion, Covington Aircraft also can provide additional services to customers that other aircraft repair companies do not offer.  For starters, Covington keeps all planes in one of their climate-controlled hangars, and only allows qualified personnel to move the plane for necessary maintenance purposes.  In addition to the turbine conversions, Covington offers engine information and condition tracking, working directly with customers to plan for future maintenance and repairs.

These added services, along with the expert personnel who will be handle your turbine conversion, makes Covington Aircraft the perfect place to have the conversion completed.  For more information on turbine conversions, give us a call at 918-756-8320.  You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.