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Covington Aircraft PT6 Engine Trainings

Popular Training Highlight:
Pratt and Whitney PT6 Engine Series

At CovingtonAircraft, we have a variety of customers come in and ask us about the different PT6 Engine training opportunities we provide. We realize that not everyone knows we provide trainings and that we do more than aircraft overhaul and maintenance. We asked our Executive Vice President at Covington Aircraft, Aaron Abbott, about what makes us special when it comes to trainings and this is what he said.


What is our most popular training at Covington?

Aaron: “Our most popular training is centered around the PT6A engine series.  We have pilots and mechanics looking for PT6A Pilot Familiarization as well as Line Maintenance training.”

How much do the trainings cost?

Aaron: “Our trainings can be an extensive process, but it also meets a customer need, so we provide it as an added value service to our clients for FREE. We do offer some charged-based training, but it’s generally just to cover costs associated with different catering, materials or something along those lines.”

What is the farthest distance someone has traveled for a training?

Aaron: “We have people come to us on a regular basis from all across the states as well as from Central and South America.  We will also work with customers in order to set up and conduct trainings at their facilities around the world.”

At Covington Aircraft, we do our best to provide the types of training clients need, and we’re happy to help anyone who wants to learn safety and the art of maintaining an aircraft.

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