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Aviation Engine Service Expert: David Hamilton

A discussion with an expert in airplane overhaul and maintenance and aviation engine service

IMG_60232David Hamilton knows a thing or two about aircraft repair.  As a teenager, he began working for Covington Aircraft part-time, helping them with their aircraft engine overhaul and aviation engine service business.  Now, over 25 years later, David is the Vice President and Operations Manager of the Covington Aircraft Engines Turbine Division.  But he isn’t focused on the past; he’s focused on the future of airplane maintenance, repair and overhaul.  Here’s an interview with David himself:

Walk us through a typical day.  What does your job entail now, and how has it changed from when you started?

David: “I started working part-time on overhauled aircraft engines when I was 15.  Covington is the only place I have ever worked.  Now, my job consists of organization of personnel, materials, facilities and parts to supply the needs and requirements of our customers’ work orders. I coordinate jobs through our facility for those same customers. I arrange purchases and sales of engines for our facility, coordinating exchanges, overhauls and repairs to meet any changing needs our customers may have.”

Where do you see Covington Aircraft going in the next 5 years?

David: “I see us growing in the PT6A market, as our relationships expand in the corporate and military markets. I also believe we will continue to be a leader within the AG market, supporting our faithful customer base. As the AG market moves more toward larger engines, I believe we will become the premier overhaul and maintenance shop to meet their needs. We owe the AG market a lot, not just in our customer’s faithfulness but for the lessons that will serve us well as we go after new business outside that market. We have a strong desire to grow, but not at the cost of our current customer base.

Being very customer-oriented, I believe the lessons we have learned in the AG market, concerning AOG situations and personal attention to individuals, are exactly what the Corporate and Military Markets are looking for. We intend to meet and exceed those expectations.”

For more information on David and the rest of the Covington Aircraft crew, visit our website or stop into our facility and learn more about commercial aircraft maintenance and overhauled aircraft engines.

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Top 3 Overhauled Aircraft Engines at Covington


There are many different types of aircraft coming and going, our skilled mechanics are constantly on the move, and so they really helped us out coming up with our list.

1. Agricultural Aircraft

An agricultural aircraft has been built or converted for agricultural uses, usually aerial crop spraying or fertilizing, and sometimes they are used for hydro-seeding.  Most of these agricultural aircraft are fixed wing models. Agricultural aircraft enable food production and fiber cultivation, which helps feed and clothe people around the world.  Agricultural aviation is extremely vital to the world’s food sources.

2. Bush or “Back Country” Aircraft

Bush planes use a variety of aircraft but there are a few more common aircraft types, such as: the DeHaviland Beaver and the Single Engine Otter. These flight models provide passenger comfort as well as hauling huge freight loads to remote areas.  Bush planes are usually used when there is no other way to get supplies in to a secluded area.

3. WarBird Aircraft

WarBird aircraft is usually designated by type: fighter, trainer, bomber, jet, etc. and then by manufacturer. They are often considered to be luxury items, but they also provide a great link to our nation’s aerial history.  WarBird aircraft are typically owned and maintained by individuals, museums, and/or flying clubs which are committed to honoring the legacy of our aviators. War Birds are commonly seen at air shows and many of them are still in excellent flying conditions.


Overhaul and Maintenance Expert: Ron Hollis

Ron-in-Hangar-300x225Ron Hollis is a man who’s been around and seen a lot of things in his 28+ years of experience in airplane overhaul and maintenance at Covington Aircraft.  He learned his trade working in Covington’s Radial Division as well as a stint working on his own as a Field Service Provider, selling Covington overhauled aircraft engines and accessories.  Ron came back to Covington in 1988 and assisted Covington Aircraft in an effort to diversify its overhaul services.  Research that he helped to conduct led the company to choose the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A series engine as an addition to its existing R-985 and R-1340 overhaul capabilities.  The company felt that the reputation of quality of the PT6A series engine aligned well with the reputation of quality at Covington Aircraft.  Ron served as Chief Inspector for the Radial Division and his personal commitment to quality helped the company to launch its Turbine Division in the mid 1990’s.  Ron says that Aircraft maintenance is not for the faint-hearted; it requires a strong commitment to quality!

Ron was sent by Covington to Pratt & Whitney Canada for factory training on a variety of PT6A turboprop engine models.  Ron said. “Learning the turbine engine was a radical change for me.”  It was a change he picked up extremely quickly, and it launched him down the path he’s on today.  Aircraft engine overhaul and maintenance has always been a joy to Ron and his time working with PT6A engines has been well spent.

Now, Ron has moved to helping with Covington Aircraft’s customer base with a new role as Customer Support Representative.  “This job affords me with a wonderful opportunity to work with people around the world,” says Ron.  Switching to an office position took some adjustment, but everyone at Covington is thrilled to have Ron working in such a vital capacity for the company.

Covington has been like a dream for Ron, who obtained his Pilot’s License from Letourneau University along with his A&P Mechanics license.  Covington Aircraft has given Ron the ability to work in the aircraft engine overhaul business; which he’s grown to love and appreciate.

Ron has been with the company for almost 29 years and his experience is a valuable asset to Covington.  As a company, Covington is working to use his experience in training others within the company to make sure the valuable knowledge, skills and experience Ron has accumulated over the years are not lost!

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Aircraft Engine Parts, Overhaul and Maintenance: Service You Can Depend Upon

covintonHere at Covington Aircraft, we don’t just provide aircraft engine overhaul and maintenance, but we install and test engines in our state-of-the-art facilities. We keep up an extensive inventory of aircraft engine parts and accessories so that you aren’t waiting.  What makes us different from other companies is that we treat every single engine as though it were our own, demanding the highest level of quality and service.

Did you know that you can come to our facility and personally watch your engine being repaired and overhauled? We can also come to you to perform commercial aircraft maintenance and repair or personal aircraft maintenance and repair.

In order to maintain our commitment to quality service, we perform Non-Destructive Testing to ensure the integrity of key components before use and utilize computer-controlled machinery for any grinding or balancing before assembling. We retain a Quality Control Inspector on site to document the overhaul and maintenance process, and then we complete the process with engine testing of the strictest caliber.

Need parts to keep up your airplane maintenance? We keep all parts, manuals, and accessories in stock for 1340 and 985 engines. Contact Don Black at 918-756-8320 or email radialparts@covingtonaircraft.com.

Do you need to adjust the valves on your Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine or change the oil in your R-985 radial engine and need some advice. Well, email or call us, and we’ll help you through it!

It’s our goal to accompany you every step of the way, whether you’re the private owner of one plane or CEO of a large commercial fleet and everything in between. We’ll help track engine information and help you come up with a plan to keep your engine and aircraft maintained for optimal efficiency and safety.

Covington Aircraft offers a warranty that ensures the work is done through us. We also recognize the Pratt & Whitney Canada Warranty and are authorized to make decisions regarding those issues. We’re in your corner to help you get the best service possible.

Whatever work you need done, our goal is to help you get those aircrafts off the ground and back in the air as fast and safely as possible. If time is of essence, we sell engines and rent engines, so you don’t have to spend time on the ground while your engine is being overhauled. We offer a 24-hour, worldwide AOG service to get you back in the air as soon as possible at 1-800-324-8320.

At Covington Aircraft, we take pride in our work, and we’re in the business of making relationships. Don’t trust just anyone with your aircraft overhaul and maintenance.

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Covington and Pratt and Whitney Canada: Providing World-Class Corporate & Agricultural Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul

World Class Corporate & Agriculture Aircraft Service
World Class Corporate & Agriculture Aircraft Service

Covington Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) have been working together for over sixteen years.  Covington started out as a P&WC Agricultural Service and has now been named a Pratt & Whitney Canada Certified Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility.

Founded in 1925, Pratt & Whitney has been designing, manufacturing and servicing aircraft engines for customers around the world. They have also been heavily involved in the U.S. Space Program from its inception.  An innovative leader in technology, they choose partners carefully, as they have in naming Covington Aircraft a Certified Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility.

This new direction in the relationship means that we here at Covington have expanded our service and overhaul and maintenance to a wider range of PT6A engines. We are maintaining our contact with the agricultural market but also now provide quality service for the corporate world as well.

In this new arrangement, we will repair and overhaul R-985 radial engines and R-1340 radial engines.  Need private plane or commercial aircraft maintenance?  We’ll do that too in our modern, state-of-the-art facility. We can perform 100 hour inspections and complete full overhaul in our hangers as well as come to you for any major work or removals or installations.  Our facility ensures the very best service possible with the very latest equipment and technology.

Pratt & Whitney recognizes our commitment to earn customer trust and reliability and our dedication to working just as hard to keep it.  Low prices, dependable aircraft repair and quality overhauled aircraft engines are all essential to this working relationship in order to provide customers with world-class corporate and agricultural aircraft service.

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