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Best Gifts for Pilots or Airplane Enthusiast: (Hint: Buying a PT6 as a gift is a tough stretch)

If you ask them, they will get that far away stare and may never give an answer.

gifts for pilotsAnybody who is really into aviation knows that there is a whole world of wants out there.  Being practical is the difficult part (and buying a PT6 isn’t usually practical).  It is easy to want all the coolest and newest things, whether a pilot or a “wish-I-were-a-pilot” (WIWP).  The following is a list of suggestions for gifts for pilots.  Ask any aircraft owner and they will rattle off a list of what they would like to have, but we will try to keep it under $200.

Make your pilot happy with a hand held Airband scanner.

Give the gift of a hand held Airband scanner to your aviation enthusiast!  Available from many suppliers who specialize in aircraft or marine supplies, these can be a great gift for pilots or a WIWP!  Available for under $200, this enables the user to listen to air traffic it their area.  Many models also include weather bands so that keeping up with the latest weather reports for any event will also be fun and easy.

The next item is available for less than $100.

A trip computer is not only a great gift for pilots, but for the enthusiast as well.  While the pilot can appreciate how much easier all the calculations necessary for pre-flight can be using one of these, they can also bring a great deal of enjoyment to any enthusiast. Imagine the pleasure of being able to run practice computations of the same type required for the FAA exam.

Aviation apparel is always a good choice.

A shirt or hat sporting a logo for any aviation service or event will be a continuous source of pride for the wearer.  This allows them to show off their affiliation with a facility or an event.

An aircraft clock is sure to be the pride of any enthusiast.

There are many sizes and styles available, but our favorite is our own Covington Aircraft clock.  Made from refurbished parts of radial engines which have seen service, these clocks are sure to be a source of pride for any aviation devotee.  Imagine the feeling of owning and displaying this piece of actual aviation on the office wall or desk.

What says “aviation enthusiast” more than a lamp made in an aviation theme?

gifts for pilots lampsWhile, again, there are many to choose from, the Covington Aircraft lamp is one of the most exciting we have seen.  Made from refurbished retired radial engine casings, these give both a spark of nostalgia and furnishings made of parts which have been in the great and wild blue.  These lamps can be displayed with pride in the office, den or living room and is a stand out as the best gifts for pilots!

These and many other products can bring joy and pride to aviation enthusiasts everywhere!

But of course, nothing says you care like a Pratt and Whitney PT6A!  But seriously, let the aviation enthusiasts know about Covington Aircraft, a company who is committed to Integrity, Dependability, Affordability, and Customer Service. Covington Aircraft specializes in the overhaul and maintenance of the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine series and the Pratt & Whitney R-985 and R-1340 radial engines.  Covington Aircraft is a Pratt & Whitney Canada approved Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility (DDOF).