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How Do I Get My FAA Certificate? A Look at the Airworthiness Certificate

An Airworthiness Certificate is an FAA certificate issued to registered owners and owners’ agents which grants authorization to operate an aircraft in flight.  There are two different classifications of airworthiness certificates – the Standard Airworthiness and Special Airworthiness Certificates.  Because the FAA issues the certificates, there are specific criteria required for each type of certificate. Covington Aircraft, an aircraft engine overhaul company, wants to make sure you know what it takes to stay up in the air.

Standard Airworthiness Certificate

A standard FAA certificate gives official authorization allowing for the operation of aircraft in several categories.  These include normal, utility, acrobatic, commuter, transport and manned free balloons.  There are also some special classes in which standard airworthiness certificates are issued.  As long as an aircraft meets its approved type design, remains safe for operation and maintenance is performed per FAA guidelines, the FAA certificate remains valid.  There are several basic steps required to qualify for the Standard Airworthiness Certificate.  When an owner registers an aircraft with the FAA, they must submit an application to the local office; this application provides information about the aircraft and the owner.  An FAA inspector then reviews the application and determines if the aircraft is safe for operation by reviewing the aircraft make and model, age, completeness of maintenance records and the aircraft’s overall condition.

Special Airworthiness Certificate

The Special Airworthiness Certificate is issued for any aircraft used for special purposes.  These purposes include aircraft flown for pleasure and personal use, agricultural, aerial surveying and advertising, light-sport, experimental and other specialty aircraft.  The same process is used to obtain this FAA certificate as it is to obtain the Standard Airworthiness Certificate, although each specialty aircraft has different criteria that must be met depending on the type of aircraft.

faa-certificate-300x225FAA Information

The FAA provides information regarding airworthiness of an aircraft under FAA Order 8130.2, Airworthiness Certification of an Aircraft and Related Products, Chapter 1.  An FAA certificate can be revoked if an aircraft no longer meets airworthy criteria.  An existing Standard Air Worthiness Certificate can be transferred to the new owner when an aircraft is sold, provided the owner registers the aircraft and the aircraft still meets the airworthiness criteria.

An airworthiness certificate authorizes an aircraft to be operated in flight and is issued when FAA inspectors determine that the aircraft meets its approved design and is in airworthy condition.  To find out more about obtaining an FAA certificate, visit www.covingtonaircraft.com.