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Quality Overhaul Maintenance, Service and Trust

It’s not too often these days that you run across a company that still runs its overhaul maintenance business as it did when it started way back in the early 1970’s. Times have changed, but Covington Aircraft remains true to its core values when providing aviation engine service.

Covington Aircraft maintains a firm commitment to quality service and trust to both the corporate and agricultural aircraft markets throughout the world.

Aviation Engine Service Expert: David Hamilton

A discussion with an expert in airplane overhaul and maintenance and aviation engine service

IMG_60232David Hamilton knows a thing or two about aircraft repair.  As a teenager, he began working for Covington Aircraft part-time, helping them with their aircraft engine overhaul and aviation engine service business.  Now, over 25 years later, David is the Vice President and Operations Manager of the Covington Aircraft Engines Turbine Division.  But he isn’t focused on the past; he’s focused on the future of airplane maintenance, repair and overhaul.  Here’s an interview with David himself:

Walk us through a typical day.  What does your job entail now, and how has it changed from when you started?

David: “I started working part-time on overhauled aircraft engines when I was 15.  Covington is the only place I have ever worked.  Now, my job consists of organization of personnel, materials, facilities and parts to supply the needs and requirements of our customers’ work orders. I coordinate jobs through our facility for those same customers. I arrange purchases and sales of engines for our facility, coordinating exchanges, overhauls and repairs to meet any changing needs our customers may have.”

Where do you see Covington Aircraft going in the next 5 years?

David: “I see us growing in the PT6A market, as our relationships expand in the corporate and military markets. I also believe we will continue to be a leader within the AG market, supporting our faithful customer base. As the AG market moves more toward larger engines, I believe we will become the premier overhaul and maintenance shop to meet their needs. We owe the AG market a lot, not just in our customer’s faithfulness but for the lessons that will serve us well as we go after new business outside that market. We have a strong desire to grow, but not at the cost of our current customer base.

Being very customer-oriented, I believe the lessons we have learned in the AG market, concerning AOG situations and personal attention to individuals, are exactly what the Corporate and Military Markets are looking for. We intend to meet and exceed those expectations.”

For more information on David and the rest of the Covington Aircraft crew, visit our website or stop into our facility and learn more about commercial aircraft maintenance and overhauled aircraft engines.

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