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Airplane Repair is Vital to Your Freedom and Success

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.”  Henry Van Dyke

freedom-of-flyingFor many people, owning an airplane is not just about saving money, but about freedom, even when it comes to crew, hangar, and aircraft engine maintenance.  Even those who are not pilots enjoy the ability to travel at their convenience, with no required return time.  In addition, owning a plane means that you will have intimate knowledge of the aircraft and its maintenance history.  However, an airplane that needs repair and cannot fly can threaten that freedom and cost significant amounts of money above the cost of the repairs.

Air Travel Vital to Business

Top business executives know that air travel is vital to business, especially in today’s global economy.  For this reason, many companies are turning to executive jet ownership due to its convenience and cost savings over commercial airline travel.  Executives have the flexibility to fly anywhere in the world with minimal notice and can avoid much of the airport hassles that affect commercial travelers.  Unfortunately, when the executive jet is grounded due to repairs, it is not always possible for a meeting in another country to be postponed or for an executive to cancel a speaking engagement at a prime industry function.  These factors are what makes airplane repair vital to executive jet ownership.

airplane-repairWell-Maintained Aircraft Reduce Repairs

One of the keys to keeping aircraft repairs down is to keep the airplane well-maintained.  Just like a car, airplanes require regular, routine maintenance tasks be performed at certain intervals.  Having your plane inspected regularly and serviced per manufacturer recommendations will help keep your plane in the air and reduce AOG time.  In addition, good maintenance can also reduce the airplane repairs required on your aircraft.

Airplane on Ground = Revenue Lost

Whenever an airplane repair requires an Aircraft on Ground determination, a company could lose money.  If your company uses an aircraft to transport supplies to customers, an AOG determination will keep those supplies from being delivered, and those customers may have to purchase them from a competitor.  If a company aircraft is used to fly employees to vital meetings or industry functions, an AOG determination could result in the need to fly commercial airlines at significantly higher ticket costs than privately owned aircraft.

“To invent an airplane is nothing.  To build one is something.  To fly is everything.”  Otto Lilienthal

Using your own aircraft for your business can provide significant cost savings over commercial airlines, but it is important to remember that the longer your airplane is in disrepair, the more money you stand to lose.  Covington Aircraft has some of the fastest turnaround times on maintenance in the industry.  Get the freedom and joy of flying back and your business back in the air.

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