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Radial Engine Expert: Alfred Harley

With 33 years of radial engine experience for Covington Aircraft, Alfred Harley is a respected and valued member of the Covington family.  His work ethic shines through in his dependability and reliability.  In addition, to his excellent work at Covington, Alfred has a rich and fulfilling life outside of work as well.


The Beginning

jetengine_radial_largeAfter graduating from Wilberton High School, Albert Harley went on to earn an automotive repair degree at OSU Okmulgee.  The shop foreman at Covington at the time, Ron Hollis, convinced Alfred to apply as Ron believed Alfred could put his mechanical skills to work better on aircraft than on autos.  Alfred began working at Covington in 1977, working on radial engines as he continues to do today.

Outstanding Work Ethic


Alfred is a dependable and experienced mechanic, responsible for many tasks including balancing crankshafts and impeller shafts, as well as final engine checks after test cell runs.  In the afternoons, he works in the stockrooms.  Alfred loves the Christian environment at Covington Aircraft and says that the Abbotts “make us feel we are part of the business and not just employees.”

Life Outside of Covington

alfred-649x1024Alfred loves to spend time with this three grown children, Jason, Aaron and Bethany as well as his two grandchildren.  A pastor at the Fundamental Indian Baptist Church in Okmulgee Oklahoma, keeps him busy in addition to his work at Covington.  Alfred is an avid fisherman and hunter.

Covington Aircraft is proud to call Alfred Harley a member of its family.  His outstanding work ethic, combined with his rich life outside the company, is an asset to Covington.  He is an excellent role model to any young person looking to enter the aviation mechanical field.