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Types of Gas Turbine Engines (Jet Engines)

Types-of-Gas-Turbine-Engines-Jet-Engines-448x198An aircraft turbine engine is the most widely used propulsion system in the aviation industry. Turbine engines come in several types, each with its own requirements for maintenance and aircraft engine overhaul. That’s why it is important to choose the right company when performing repairs and maintenance on your aircraft turbine engine.


A turbojet is the simplest of all aircraft turbine engines, consisting of four sections: compressor, combustion chamber, turbine section and exhaust. Turbojets were developed in Germany and England before World War II. In this type of engine, air is passed at a high rate of speed into the combustion chamber where the fuel inlet and igniter is located.  The turbine, driven by expanding air, causes thrust from accelerated exhaust gases.  Covington Aircraft has extensive experience in aircraft engine overhaul, as well as routine maintenance for these types of engines.


Turboprop engines drive propellers through a reduction gear, which provides optimum propeller performance at slower rpm speeds. That translates to greater fuel efficiency and performance at slower airspeeds, which is why turboprops are popular aircraft turbine engines for small, commuter aircraft, cargo planes and agricultural use.  The propellers are less efficient as the aircraft speed increases, making them better for planes that do not have travel at higher speeds.  Because agricultural pilots rely on the consistency of their aircraft, Covington Aircraft has proudly worked on turboprop planes used in agriculture since 1972.


Merging the best features of the turbojet and turboprop, the turbofan is an aircraft turbine engine that diverts a secondary flow of air around the combustion chamber, which creates additional thrust.  This is the most modern version of an aircraft turbine engine and the one often found on high-speed transport and fighter planes.  Because many corporations choose turbofan engines, Covington Aircraft focuses on plane maintenance to keep corporate planes in the air, avoiding grounded aircraft due to maintenance issues.

Afterburning Turbojet

Used predominately in fighter jets, afterburning turbojets include an afterburner in a core turbojet so that some of the energy from the exhaust helps to turn the turbine.  When the afterburner is on, additional fuel is injected into the exhaust stream, producing additional thrust.  Although this does provide additional speed for the aircraft, this type of aircraft turbine engine burns more fuel than traditional turbojet aircraft.

There are several types of aircraft turbine engines available, and Covington Aircraft has the knowledge and experience to perform all the repairs and maintenance necessary to keep your plane in the air.  Whether you are looking for maintenance or an overhaul for your turbine engine, Covington Aircraft is always ready to help.  Call us today at 918-756-8320 and join our online communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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