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Air Force Pilots and Navy Pilots: What’s the Difference?

Air-Force-Pilots-and-Navy-Pilots-Whats-the-Difference2-448x198Air Force pilots and Navy pilots perform a valuable service to our country, but each branch of the military provides a different type of protection. Air Force and Navy pilots are no exception to that, as each type of pilot performs a different function.

Training and Missions 

Air Force pilots and Navy pilots share some similarities. They receive similar training and, in fact, often train together. However, Navy and Air Force missions are different. Navy pilots usually respond faster to missions as they are often stationed on aircraft carriers, located closer to areas where they are needed. Because Air Force pilots consider their home base an Air Force base, the response time often is longer.

Aircraft Size 

One difference between Air Force pilots and Navy pilots is the size of the aircraft they fly. Navy pilots use smaller aircraft more suitable for takeoffs and landings on the deck of an aircraft carrier, while Air Force pilots handle larger aircraft. The smaller aircraft used by the Navy pilots are also more suitable to the types of missions involved.

Pilot Wings 

Whether the pilot is an Air Force pilot or Navy pilot, once they are certified to fly, they are given wings as a badge. The type of wing distinguishes the branches of the military. Air Force pilots earn silver wings with a large shield on the design. Gold wings given to Navy pilots not only have the large shield but an additional small shield connected to a big anchor. Gold wings are given to the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

Both Air Force pilots and Navy pilots provide an invaluable service to the country as part of the military. For more information on aviation, visit us at www.covingtonaircraft.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest aviation news.

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