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Covington Aircraft is joining Pratt & Whitney Canada in their efforts to build community with turbine aircraft engine fans.

TULSA, OK – Covington Aircraft, a world-leading aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul facility, is excited to announce that they will be joining the efforts of Pratt & Whitney Canada to build a community of people that are fans of the Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine engine.

Pratt & Whitney Canada just launched a new site,, which brings social media into the world of aircraft enthusiasts. The sites goal is to empower PT6A owners to share stories, pictures and video about their PT6A turbine engine.  Covington Aircraft, a certified Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility (DDOF) for Pratt & Whitney Canada, was asked to be a guest blogger on the site.

“We are excited to further our relationship with Pratt & Whitney Canada by blogging for PT6 Nation,” said Aaron Abbott, Executive Vice President Covington Aircraft, “Our efforts, along with Pratt & Whitney Canada’s, in social media are a great way to build a better community of PT6A engine owners and other aircraft enthusiasts.”

Covington Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney Canada are committed to building a broad and diverse community of PT6A turbine engine owners in order to generate discussion and better understand their needs.

About Covington Aircraft
Founded in 1972, Covington Aircraft is a world-leading aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul facility specializing in the PT6A turbine engine and R-985 and R-1340 radial engines. We are a Pratt & Whitney Canada certified Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility (DDOF), and provide world-class corporate and agricultural aircraft service.  For more information on Covington Aircraft, visit

Client Contact Info:

Name: Aaron Abbott


Phone Number: (918) 756-8320

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