4 Quick Fall Engine Tips: Now’s the Time for Preventative Maintenance on your PT6A

The squirrels in our front yard are gathering pecans, acorns, hackberrys, canned peanuts, potatoes, oranges, etc. You think I’m safe in predicting a rough winter? They’re getting ready. I would like to offer some tips for helping you get ready.


  1. Plug the engines exhaust outlet. Humid air or moisture can pass through the several valves that are always open (no matter what position the prop is in) causing corrosion or rust to valves and ports.
  2. Engines being stored without full preservation should be turned through (radial) a dozen blades or so each week. This is preferred over short run-ups as moisture condensation resulting from just running an engine up can cause problems. If storing for over 30 days, you should consider pickling the engine. Call us for details.
  3. Spray some preservative oil into the cylinders, especially upper cylinders. Compression rings run pretty dry and can rust in storage, possibly resulting in stuck or broken rings.
  4. Change oil prior to storing an engine. Old oil is contaminated with acids & moisture that can rust steel parts & damage bearings. Be sure to run engine after oil change to get the new oil circulated through the engine. It would be good to clean and check the oil screen check valve and install a new O-ring (PN 23435). This could help prevent oil from the tank draining into the engine during storage.

God bless you during this year’s maintenance season!

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