A Few Photos from Osh Kosh 2019

AirVenture is a showcase for the latest in aviation products, new ideas or new company alliances, from pilot supplies to flying wings. Here are just a few of this year’s stand-outs.

AirVenture Celebrates 50 Years at Osh!


German Dream Lands Here

Frank Koinzer, a German airline pilot, spent years dreaming of his ideal airplane. It didn’t exist, so he designed it and built it – and brought it to Oshkosh. The huge Explorer PT6A-27 turboprop-powered bushplane has a max gross weight of 6,400 lb, and max cruise of 190 mph using 36 gals per hour. Stalling speed with flaps down and in landing configuration if 55 mph. Koinzer, who first flew himself to Oshkosh 20 years ago in a Robin lightplane, plans to offer Explorer as a kit.

Very Fast Turboprop Meets Bushplane

French company Daher (as in the TBM series of business turboprops) last month announced its purchase of Idaho-based Quest, maker of the Kodiak utility aircraft, although there are no known plans to move the production line. Almost 300 Quest Kodiaks have been delivered to operators in more than 20 countries – notably including China – for passenger transport, light freight and sport-parachuting use. Daher believes both companies can benefit from each others’ experience in customer support and complementary markets.

Mike Patey Visits Covington Aircraft Booth

HennyCub Makes it To Center Stage, Although Briefly

The Ford Tri-Motor with Three Pratt & Whitney R-985s!

Reynolds Aviation gets a great capture during Osh Kosh of the Ford Trimotor.

Affectionately known as the “Tin Goose,” the Ford Tri-Motor was the largest civil aircraft in America when it first flew on August 2, 1926. Its all-metal, corrugated aluminum construction and the prestigious Ford name made it immediately popular with passengers and airline operators. Noisy but reliable, the Ford Tri-Motor played a major role in convincing the public that air travel was safe and practical.

Ford Tri-Motor. Photo from Reynolds Aviation on Instagram

The 5-AT, a more powerful version of the earlier 4-AT, had three Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engines and entered service in 1928. The airplane on display above was restored by American Airlines.

Finally, Start them Young!


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