Mike Patey’s DRACO – The Coolest STOL Aircraft Ever

What happens when you put the legendary Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A on one of the most versatile of all bush planes? Mike Patey’s Draco, that’s what. And, woah, is it a BEAST!

The race-winning STOL aircraft is the winner of the 2018 High Sierra STOL Drag competition.

Brainchild of self-taught engineer and successful entrepreneur Mike Patey, Draco is the ultimate backcountry airplane. With its bright red skin, tall legs and heavy cloud of dust around it, Draco commands attention everywhere it lands. If you don’t happen to see it, you hear it; it’s one of the few bush planes with a turbine engine and reverse thrust, and the whine of the turboprop comes unexpectedly to unsuspecting observers.

Mike Patey’s DRACO at the Great Alaskan Aviation Gathering.

Mike Patey put a PT6A-28 680 shaft horsepower and 102” four bladed prop on the front of the last Wilga ever built. With an empty weight of 2400 lbs and a typical flying weight of 3000 lbs, Mike can be off the ground in about 120 feet, pitch to 30 degrees and maintain 4,000 feet per minute… while accelerating 50+ mph by 1,000 feet! He designed a completely new airfoil that dropped the stall speed about 20 mph to about 37 mph.

What’s even crazier is he uses about 300 HP of reverse to bring it to a stop in 150 feet but says that number will decrease once he gets more than a week of flying it under his belt. Also, it has oxygen and can go to 28,000 feet at 200 knots TAS at 28 gph at half power for Vne constraints. (Source: @super_cubbin)

If you haven’t seen the Draco, we highly encourage you to check out this amazing video from Trent Palmer below.

Sourced from Hangar.Flights.

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