Daher introduced turboprop business jet TBM 940

The French aircraft manufacturer Daher presented the next iteration of high-speed single-engine turboprop aircraft of the business class of the popular line TBM 900. 28 years after the start of production of the first generation of airplanes – the TBM 700, the aircraft family was replenished with a new member – the TBM 940.

The upgraded version will replace the TBM 930 introduced in 2016 as the flagship of the family. Unlike the previous version, the TBM 940 worth $ 4.13 million is equipped with an automatic thrust system and improved automatic anti-icing system; also on the plane changed the design of the cabin.

According to the aircraft manufacturer, the automatic thrust is installed for the first time on a single-engine turboprop aircraft weighing less than 5675 kg. He will be able to adjust the speed of the aircraft on the basis of a predetermined flight path profile. Also, the automatic thrust will allow the aircraft owner to safely operate the turboprop on the maximum allowable thrust modes of the engine PT6A-66D, created by Pratt & Whitney Canada.

In addition, the advanced anti-icing system TBM 940 will be automatically activated if there is no action from the pilot when ice formation is detected.

The cabin is equipped with upgraded seats with a 115-volt outlet and a USB connector (now there are nine in the aircraft: six for passengers and three for the pilot), enhanced thermal insulation of the side walls of the fuselage, and a central shelf with additional storage space for personal belongings.

TBM 940 comes as a replacement for the 2017 TBM 910 as the base line model. It is expected that the aircraft will receive certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as part of the popular European general aviation exhibition in Friedrichshafen (Germany), which will be held in April.

TBM 940

Recall that the TBM 700 was the first certified serial single-engine turboprop aircraft with a pressurized cabin. Its production began in 1991. In total, more than 320 aircraft were delivered to operators until 2005, when the updated, aircraft-driven version of the aircraft – the TBM 850 – began flying.In March 2014, TBM 900 came to replace the TBM 850 (almost 340 aircrafts were produced). About 300 models of the TBM 900/910/930 are currently in operation.

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