Covington Aircraft Oshkosh & KidVenture Wrap Up

This year since we sponsored the KidVenture pavilion, we were considered KidVenture Volunteers. It was quite a different experience from being just an exhibitor as we have been in years past. We really felt like we were more a part of the show. AirVenture is run by over 4,000 volunteers, working many hours to ready the grounds for this annual event. All of the EAA staff were so kind and hard working from the ground up including bus drivers to gatekeepers, and all the way up to the business development office and executive directors.

Some of our personal highlights of the show were, of course, the AeroShell Team. The AeroShell aerobatics were performed by six pilots who fly T-6 Texan aircrafts in jaw dropping formations that the crowd of all ages enjoyed. Several of these spectacular planes have our R1340 engines on them for great performances. This daredevil team has nearly 100,000 hours of combined hours of flight time and always presents an amazing and exciting show. As one of the team’s sponsors, we have the privilege of riding along with the formation during some of the shows. We sometimes give these rides away to select VIP Covington guests.

We took this video at @eaa’s #oshkosh15 with our #gopro. Listen to the sound of those #radials!

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The Screamin’ Sasquatch had a spectacular performance. This biplane has been retrofitted with anCJ610 jet engine to produce 3,000 pounds of thrust, making the thrust-to-weight ratio 1:1. This ratio allowed the biplane to fly vertically with impressive maneuvers to thrill all bystanders at the show.

An amazing performance was made by an Airbus A350. It was expertly piloted to turn this large aircraft around like an agriculture operator turning a small crop duster on a dime to make another spray pass.

The military display of aircrafts including the F-22, F-35, B-52 and the AV-8B Harrier, which is always impressive to all aviation fans.

Jim Koepnick, a spokesperson for Oshkosh Northwest states “T6 aircraft information early Monday morning Warbirds in Review, which is sponsored by Scotts Miracle Grow, kicked off AirVenture 2015 with a Monday morning presentation about Liason Aircraft. In addition, a Sunrise Sortie flight was held at dawn with a formation of T-6 aircraft, as well as a Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer.”

If you missed this year’s annual air show, mark your calendars for next summer. This event is exciting for families of all ages. It includes kid-friendly booths as part of KidVenture with eight booths to teach hands on flight simulation, flight training and instructions on antique wooden wing building and lift demonstration and many more activities for the aspiring pilot or aviator.

Have you ever been close enough to aircrafts that you can actually touch them or stick your head in an open cockpit? If not, then this is the air show to attend yearly with your entire family to educate and provide astounding air exhibits. Let your minds and your children’s minds soar.

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