The Oshkosh Air Show: Decades of Aviation Adventures

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Come see us at OshKosh – Booth #261

The yearly Oshkosh Air Show is the highlight of the summer for any serious aircraft enthusiast. The week-long show held in Wisconsin has a long history of showcasing home built as well as certified aircraft. Whether you fly into Oshkosh as part of the show or you are simply a visitor, the show is something you will never forget.

This is the first of a three part blog series as we all gear up for EAA’s AirVenture OshKosh 2015 event. The second will focus on the Aeroshell Team who do amazing aerobatic shows in formation and run Covington Aircraft radial engines. We will conclude this OshKosh-centric blog series by talking about a new sponsorship for Covington Aircraft, KidVenture, and the launch of our contest, the “Children’s Aviation Art Contest” next Wednesday, July 1st!

History of the Oshkosh Air Show

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s Fly-In Convention, now known as EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, began in the fall of 1953 as part of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Air Pageant. Today the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is the nation’s largest air show, but in the beginning it had fewer than 150 visitors and a handful of home built or modified aircraft. The air show quickly outgrew its home field at Milwaukee.  By 1959, the event moved to the larger Rockford Illinois Municipal Airport where it stayed for a decade.  During the “Rockford Years,” the event diversified its offerings including Warbirds, antique planes, and aerobatic performances.

The EAA sought a permanent home for the ever-expanding air show. In 1969, the board approved the move to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The city’s airfield seemed to have everything the growing air show would need for decades to come.  It boasted two long runways that didn’t intersect, which would allow for a larger volume of plane traffic.  The airfield also had a large amount of empty acreage surrounding the runways.  This empty acreage was essential for an airshow that brought in thousands of airplanes, tents, and vehicles each year.  The city of Oshkosh itself eagerly sought the convention.  The city leaders wisely predicted the enormous positive impact such a show would have on the local economy. In 2008, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the annual airshow has a $110 million impact on the local Oshkosh economy.

What Makes the Air Show So Popular?

A little #TBT to #OshKosh 2013 featuring our VP Aaron Abbott and resident Engine expert Ron Hollis with the #PT6A!

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The city of Oshkosh and the airshow promote a family atmosphere that participants have to come to anticipate each year.  One visitor described it as part fly-in, part convention, part family reunion, and part summer camp for adults. Over 4,000 volunteers work tirelessly to ready the grounds for the annual event.  Once visitors arrive, there is something for everyone to enjoy from watching planes land on the green dot to walking the vintage line to see legendary historical aircraft such as the sleek Cessna 195s. You can get up close and personal with the aircraft because almost nothing is roped off and out of bounds.  When have you ever touched a Boeing 787 or stuck your head into the open cockpit Waco? Beyond the draw of the aircraft, visitors enjoy meeting legendary figures in aviation history like astronauts, Bob Hoover, or Burt Rhutan who visit the airshow simply because they love flying.

OshKosh Air Show 2015

The EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Show is scheduled for July 20-26,2015.

Action, education, entertainment, and everything in between makes EAA AirVenture Oshkosh your perfect, affordable summer destination!

For seven days from sunrise to well past sunset, your Oshkosh day is filled dazzling displays of aerobatics, informative programs and hands-on workshops, diverse aircraft spanning all eras of flight, concerts to keep you rockin’ into the night, and much, much more.

Fun for the whole family that you’ll find only in Oshkosh is waiting for you at The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration!

Covington Aircraft at OshKosh 2015, KidVenture & The Children’s Aviation Art Contest

Meet the Covington Aircraft team and take a look at our engines as well as learn about our products and services.  Covington Aircraft will be in the same place as last year Booth #261, right next to the Sporty’s Pilot Shop booth.


This year we will sponsor KidVenture, which we will explain in more detail next week as the third post in this OshKosh-centric blog series.  At KidVenture and at our booth this year, we will also promote our newest contest, the “Children’s Aviation Art Contest.” In this contest, which launches next week on Wednesday, July 1st at noon, we invite children to submit their own unique hand drawn aviation inspired drawing for a chance to get featured as one of the 12 months in our 2016 Covington Aircraft Calendar! Look out for more details on this exciting contest in next week’s blog

Finally, we hope to see you at EAA’s AirVenture OshKosh 2015!

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