Becoming An Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Becoming An Aircraft Maintenance TechnicianBeing an aircraft maintenance technician (AMT) is a trade that is rapidly growing in demand. The need for trained and educated staff is always important to us at Covington Aircraft, and we invite interested people to explore this exciting and upwardly mobile position.

It should be noted that AMT’s do fill a number of roles, from operating on power plants and airframes to providing basic maintenance in the form of oil changes, hot section tests, and flushing fuel systems. This also means that many industries which employ aviation experts will also require the services that a technician can offer. This can include fields such as:

  • The military
  • The agricultural industry
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Private airplanes
  • Shipping companies

The agricultural industry is one of the prime employers of aircraft maintenance technicians, since small planes for crops dusting are common throughout the field. Although prior statistics from the Bureau of Labor indicated that AMT’s can expect strong job stability, industry reports have been positively amended to show a projection of at least 29% growth in the next decade. This is indicative of a continuing support for educating new technicians as well.


The Basics

Formal education is not a requirement to become an AMT, and certifications are not required. However, we do recommend that aspiring technicians do seek continuing education and certification as well as hands on experience, since this can alter pay ranges and improve chances of moving up in the position.

While technical classes can be sought through community and technical colleges, the FAA also provides a list of accredited AMT schools. Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Certifications are obtained through a written and oral exam that can be taken after either completing accepted coursework and experience hours, or logging 30 months of apprenticeship work. This provides an ideal way to learn the trade while already making headway in the industry.


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