Installing Radial Engines – DIY Or DDOF

Installing Radial Engines – DIY Or DDOFMany small aircraft pilots take great pride in their planes, and are also knowledgeable about the mechanic side of things. While maintaining a radial engine may be one task, installing a new engine will often require professional help. This can provide benefit in terms of safety of installation, but it is also appropriate to have a second set of eyes to inspect the work. A trained mechanic can become the difference between a successful installation and more money that is spent on repairs and parts.

While an installation does mean that the engine itself will be fresh from the manufacturer with all new parts, many pilots do sometimes neglect to replace adjunct parts when having an engine fitted. It is important to note that replacing all accessories and parts, like carburetors and fuel pumps, is also a good practice for upkeep and for flight time. This can ensure that no one part of the array is compensating for a worn out o-ring or gasket as well.


Changing More Than Power

In the process of installing a new radial engine, it can also be a good idea to attend to oil checks and changes, as this can further give greater longevity to the engine. Failing to do this can be the cause of a number of problems that might be avoided, so flushing the system prior to the installation is a wise idea. This includes making sure to remove the screen from the tank, so that the flushing can provide full effects.

In flushing the oil pumps and system, it is also necessary to clean the prop and the governor. This can be highly effective when done with a lightweight oil, and should be checked through manual operation. A clean prop and governor will offer a fluid turn that can be achieved through very light efforts. Once these are turning without friction, the new engine will be able to perform as per expectations.

These maintenance procedures will not only make sure that the new engine has a longer life, but it can also alleviate uneven wear on parts. As a result, a professional installation and regular routines means that the new engine will truly improve the flight experience.

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