Careers In Aviation, From The Ground Up

Careers In Aviation, From The Ground UpAn interest in flying and mechanics can turn into a growth oriented career for many individuals. Becoming an aircraft mechanic not only fills a demand for quality technicians in the industry, but it also offers people an engaging career that incorporates mechanics and inspiration. This can become even more viable for many people as a degree and licensing are not a requirement for employment.


Starting The Mechanic’s Process

Quality aircraft mechanics do require special training and certification, although this can be acquired through special technical schooling as well as on the job experience. Many aircraft mechanics have learned their trade through apprenticeship with a certified mechanic, and employers like Covington may also provide incentives for training and certification through employment with us. This gives the experiential time that is required for actual certification, but it also allows new mechanics to gain from the knowledge and practice of trained professionals.

In order to become an aircraft mechanic, there are actually very few requirements. US citizens who are over the age of 18 and are fluent in written and verbal English can become applicants. While certification through the FAA is not a requirement for employment, it is beneficial to gain this licensing, as it assures a standard of quality for performance expectations and it also gives a competitive edge on the job market.

Classes for becoming an aircraft mechanic are available at technical colleges and as actual degree courses, although most individuals will engage in both knowledge based and hands-on learning for this career. Degree courses through FAA approved schools can provide this practical experience as part of the course, but the use of an apprenticeship can also count toward the practice hours that are required before testing for certification. The general requirements for this time are 18 months of involvement with working on power plants or airframes, although applicants can also take 30 months of experience for working on both specialties.

With certification, aircraft mechanics can also be authorized to perform FAA inspections, although basic tasks of engine maintenance and repair are also regular parts of the job. As increases in travel and global commerce create more demands on the aviation industry, the outlook for this career continues to be positive and stable. This can provide an ideal outlet in terms of pursuing employment in the aircraft industry, and utilizing critical thinking and engineering skills to ensure safety in the skies.

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