The Meaning Of Designation

The Meaning Of Designation

Within the aviation industry, regulations play a large part in maintaining safety and standards for operation. This not only extends to FAA regulations that can affect MRO services, but also the extent of services that can be performed by a facility. As a result, manufacturers can also require specific designations for facilities in order to expand that range of service and to become recognized as an authorized handler.

At Covington Aircraft, we gained the title of Designated Distributor & Overhaul Facility (DDOF) in 2010, when we were recognized by Pratt & Whitney for these expanded MRO services. As a result, we are able to not only perform standard repairs to PT6 engines, but we are also authorized to do full engine overhauls when required. As a result, our clients can also have access to an MRO facility that can offer a greater range of assistance for end to end support.

The standard of a DDOF also means that we have been recognized for the years of quality performance in working on aircraft engines, so that the new services can also include the incorporation of new and green technologies with engines, as well as higher safety measures with regular MRO practices. This designation also covers our ability to supply factory parts, handle Pratt warranty work, and meet servicing on a wider range of PT6 engines.

Along with a greater scope of ability, the DDOF award also indicates a higher standard for customer interactions. As well as the actual MRO services, Covington Aircraft is also able to assist with rapid response via our Mobile Repair Team for repairs and better technical support. The recognition in becoming a DDOF also lets us provide a more comprehensive range of general and specialized knowledge for our customers, which also means that owners of airplanes with PT6 engines can trust that they are receiving the quality that the manufacturer intended.

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