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Ministry Spotlight: Banyan Air Services & Top Aviation Executives Team up to Rebuild Nigerian Hospitals

In that light, we wanted to introduce a new monthly series we call “Ministry Spotlight” where we will feature some of the great work done by those in the aviation community in the name of Christ. This includes using time, effort, and the Word of God, to spread a message of love, hope, and redemption. In this first “Ministry Spotlight,” we will cover the rebuilding of a Nigerian hospital with the Banyan Air Services team.


Banyan Air Services Teams up with top Execs at Covington Aircraft, Airbus, Galvin Flying Service, and McCreery Aviation

Today’s top aviation executives strive do to more than just fly, and recently the president of Banyan, Don Campion joined other executives to include Aaron Abbott of Covington Aircraft, Peter Anderson of Galvin Flying Service in Washington, Ken McKenzie of Airbus, and Marjie McCreery of McCreery Aviation, to help in rebuilding a hospital for those in need in the country of Nigeria, Africa. The rural region in which they were working was sorely lacking adequate medical facilities, and the 33 acre hospital compound in Egbe, Nigeria was breaking down over its 60 year life. For those suffering from illnesses and ailments in the rural Nigerian region, the hospital’s breakdown was a major blow to their own health and wellness, so Banyan and these top aviation executives stepped up to the plate to help out. Also involved in the project was Mr. Campion’s wife, Sueanne. Project leaders worked with Samaritan’s Purse, Serving In Mission to completely rebuild the hospital.

This project is helping those who call the region home to have a facility they can take comfort and pride in. All parties and executives involved, used their own influence in the technological industry to help in overseeing the project, recruiting staff, and re-equipping the hospital with modern medical technology.

The plethora of donations the team received helped them to acquire 14 forty-foot containers filled with all that would be needed to rebuild the hospital, and all were shipped from Miami, Florida. These containers stored vehicles, equipment, building materials, wire, and everything else required to make the hospital all it could be. Everyone involved was eternally grateful for the generosity of their donors.

The initial phase of the building project was recently celebrated upon completion. The completion of phase one resulted in the building of a brand new 11,000 square foot main building complete with examination rooms, a triage center, emergency facilities, X-ray rooms, a medical laboratory and several intensive care units equipped to handle patients in serious condition.

The team is currently in the second phase of the operation, or Phase Two, and this is going to be dedicated to staffing and preparing the new hospital staff to use the new facility. Procedures, practices, using equipment, and procedure implementations will be the focus to prepare those of the Egbe region to make the most of their new hospital facility.

With phase one complete, and phase two underway, the team isn’t quite finished yet with the Egbe hospital project. Phase three will consist of incorporating and teaching all of the technological aspects in regards to the everyday operation of the hospital, and this will be done by bringing the skills and knowledge of professionals around the world to the rural Egbe area.

The combined work of this great team in the Egbe hospital project is one that will payoff tenfold when the people of the region can enjoy the benefits of a high functioning and modern hospital once again. For those interested in donating, learning more about the project, or becoming a volunteer themselves, simply visit:

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