Becoming An Aircraft Mechanic

Becoming An Aircraft MechanicFor aviation enthusiasts who own their own planes, becoming a licensed aircraft mechanic can be a very worthwhile investment when it comes to both time and money. An aircraft mechanic is able to check for, diagnose, and repair all problems associated with personal aircrafts, and this can provide you with the knowledge you need to continue safe and affordable flying. Rather than hiring an airline mechanic to inspect your plane in the beginning of the flying season, or waiting on one to make any necessary repairs before going on a flight, you can take care of these issues yourself as you learn more about your aircraft and your passion.

Airframe and powerplant (A&P) courses often require very little in terms of prerequisites or past experience, and this makes it a simple process to get underway with education and training. Most A&P courses will only require a high school diploma or GED equivalent to begin training, so this is a goal that can be achieved by those in all walks of life with a passion for aviation.

The first step you should take in becoming a licensed aircraft mechanic is finding an FAA accredited aviation maintenance technical school. These schools can be found in all different parts of the country, and the FAA accreditation can be used to help you to rest assured that you’ve chosen a program suitable to fit your needs. There are aviation maintenance schools which allow you to earn a 4 year degree or a 2 year degree, and the latter option is typically the most attractive to professionals seeking a license to perform maintenance on their own aircraft.

Once you earn your degree and license as a professional aviation mechanic, you won’t want to just stop there. Aviation enthusiasts know how quickly the technological landscape seems to change when it comes to new models of aircraft, and you’ll want to keep up to date on your education accordingly. Continued education, various specific courses, and reading about all types of new aviation technology is often desired to make sure you’ll be able to keep up with all new breakthroughs in aviation and maintenance. After three years of possessing an A&P rating, you may apply for further certification known as Inspection Authorization (IA).  An IA permits the A&P mechanic a larger variety of maintenance and alterations he is able to approve for return to service.

For those that own their own planes, a license in aircraft maintenance can help you to get better acquainted with your aircraft and modern aircrafts in general, thereby helping you to better enjoy your hobby in a safe and productive way.

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