Flight Safety As A Precaution In Thinking Ahead

FAA safety regulations have continued to advance as flight becomes a more common form of travel. Although this is obviously seen with changes in commercial aircraft operation, it also applies to private pilots and even home built aircraft. Although there is some more legal leeway for private operators, the push to utilize maintenance schedule adherence as a preventive from of safety does still apply._DSC1344

These regulations are also important as a standard as more smaller commercial operations are being made available to the public. Fleet maintenance is considered top priority by the FAA, and can vary based on the type of airplanes that are being used. From a basic standpoint, this can also include MRO for PT6A turbines, R-1340s and R-985 radials, as well as the product support that is necessary through the manufacturer. As a leader in the field, Pratt and Whitney have established a long standing reputation that is also backed by the ability to act as a resource to operators.

Parts and services are under the manufacturers guarantee, and this makes getting replacements and finding authorized service technicians for these engines a relatively easy process. Coupled with existing part replacement, the manufacturer is also committed to producing upgrades that can be utilized on the older functional engines. This means that operators who are first investing in a new fleet can also have the assurance that the upkeep of safety is also supported through the developer.

Both private pilots and commercial owners will also need to think about engine performance as a safety consideration that can vary with the environment. The adaptability of the PT6A turbine has been considered as an innovative safety feature that allows for the contention with greater environmental factors. This includes such possibilities as:

  • High heat environments
  • Debris
  • Sub-zero temperatures
  • Rapid pressure fluctuations in the atmosphere

Any aircraft that can be utilized through this variety of scenarios is not only an asset to the safety of the pilot and passenger, but also to fleet owners, since a limited stable of craft can be utilized for greater expanses of travel.

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