Pratt & Whitney Developing New Services On Sensor Data And Analytics

Pratt & Whitney Developing New Services On Sensor Data And AnalyticsPassengers are more and more concerned about the collection of flight data and overall safety when they fly. After a series of catastrophic aerial accidents, many of which have taken place in Southeast Asia, the average consumer is demanding ever-higher standards.

In order to achieve a safer future for the aviation world, it will be necessary to develop a whole slew of technologies for recording, transmitting, and maintaining real-time data. However, the true resolution to the problem will take place in the maintenance world.

Pratt & Whitney understands this, and has recently launched a new line of products and services focused on “predictive analytics.”


Sensor Data Is One Of The Most Important Areas For Future Flight Improvement

Sensor data is perhaps the ultimate tool for keeping an airplane in working order. Unfortunately, in the past, data collection has focused on real-time analysis that only indicates current problems, giving no hints as to potential future issues.

With predictive analytics, it will become easier and easier to pinpoint emerging issues.

Predictive analytics will make it possible to:

  • Significantly reduce the time spent on maintenance by clarifying areas of need.
  • Reduce costs by allowing problems to be resolved before they become serious.
  • Keep aircraft in the air longer by stopping a “domino effect” of maintenance issues.

Over the next several years, Pratt & Whitney is poised to make significant contributions in this area. It has boosted its research budget significantly to become a pioneer in the field.


Position Yourself On The Cutting Edge Of Aviation With Pratt & Whitney

If you aren’t using a licensed aircraft engine MRO focusing on Pratt & Whitney products, then you may be leaving advantages on the table when it comes to ensuring your team is the most advanced out there.

Here at Covington Aircraft, we are an MRO with a complete mastery of existing and emerging Pratt & Whitney aviation technologies. We understand Pratt & Whitney engines better than anyone else, so you can get the best performance from your components.

Pratt & Whitney’s new world of predictive analytics means that future Pratt & Whitney aircraft will be able to foretell their own maintenance needs. When you connect that kind of power with the right outsourced maintenance teams, you can slash deep into your maintenance costs.

To learn more about what the future may hold for you and your aviation team, reach out to us today. Our experts are standing by to help you get the most from breathtaking new technology.

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