Pratt & Whitney Is Moving Forward On The Use Of Green Energy In Aviation

Pratt & Whitney Is Moving Forward On The Use Of Green Energy In AviationGreen energy is one of the most promising technologies of the future. However, it’s still got a while to go before it is the defining technology that allows people to achieve all of their goals in the transportation world.

While the ultimate goal of a “green” aircraft engine — one that doesn’t rely on pricey jet fuel — is still a long way away, Pratt & Whitney is taking important steps to give the aviation industry a much more environmentally friendly outlook.


Fuel Prices Are Down — But Pratt & Whitney Pushes Forward With Innovation

With fuel prices on the decline, it’s easy to imagine that a company would start to shift away from fuel economy and energy efficiency as potential selling points for their products. This is not the case for Pratt & Whitney, however.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Recently, Pratt & Whitney announced a bold and aggressive sustainability goal: That it would substantially reduce waste by its 100th anniversary in 2025.

With a combination of goals that touch on efficiencies in operations and supply chain, it wants to become “the sustainability leader” in aviation.

What can customers expect? The chief goals are as follows:

  • Zero waste from Pratt & Whitney factories, with 100% recycled material.
  • Optimization of energy use, cutting greenhouse emissions by a full 80%.
  • Water consumption cut by a full 80%, more than 700 million gallons.
  • An industry-leading 100% recyclability rate for all Pratt & Whitney engines.


Covington Aircraft Helps You Unlock The Power Of Pratt & Whitney For Your Fleet

There are some aviation brands that are simply “titans” — anyone can name them, and some of us have had the privilege of flying them. But, with its long history and its relentless dedication to innovation, Pratt & Whitney is arguably in a class by itself.

More and more commercial aerial fleets are switching to turbine engines, and when they do so, they’re looking at Pratt & Whitney first and foremost thanks to the brand’s great performance.

The green future may yet be a while in coming, but Pratt & Whitney stands head and shoulders over the rest today. For fleet owners who focus on P&W, the future is now.

If you’d like to see how turbine engine maintenance and every other technical aspect of fleet leadership can be transformed with Pratt & Whitney, call or email us right now.

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