Proactive Turbine Engine Maintenance Is The Wave Of The Future In 2015 And Beyond

Proactive Turbine Engine Maintenance Is The Wave Of The Future In 2015 And BeyondMaintenance is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of making sure that an air fleet is safe, secure, and ready for the challenges of a demanding schedule. This is true of radial engine maintenance as well as today’s turbine engine maintenance.

Since the early days of flight, there has been a mystique to maintenance — in that it represents a “relationship” between maintenance teams and aircraft, one in which they exercise their intuition as well as their technical skills.

That’s unlikely to change any time soon — being perceptive will always be helpful in aircraft maintenance. However, new tools will make an aircraft’s “signals” a lot easier to read.


Pratt & Whitney Is Making Turbine Engine Maintenance More Efficient Than Ever

What will aircraft maintenance look like in the future? The answer is shaping up: Proactive alerts from a wider range of aircraft components, responding to a wider range of conditions in the air, will make it easier to react to potential problems before they have a performance impact.

Like other technologies, aircraft engines are getting smarter — and odds are good that no other brand will be quite as “smart” as Pratt & Whitney. After all, Pratt & Whitney has already begun to revolutionize maintenance with innovative ways to clean out turbine engines.

In the future, a wider range of aircraft will “self-report” issues so that maintenance teams can act faster, resulting in less downtime and fewer shortfalls of needed components.


Let Covington Aircraft Help You Achieve New Efficiencies In Your Turbine Fleet

As we enter into 2015 and what lies beyond, the world of aircraft maintenance is becoming more intuitive, not less. However, to get the most benefit from the latest technology, you need to make sure you are fully up to date on it and what it can do.

Covington Aircraft is your ally in making sure that you are leveraging Pratt & Whitney.

Our advantage is in our position as a known Pratt & Whitney MRO — one that has a wealth of expertise in turbine engine maintenance and in the new methods that are coming down the pike.

Would you like to see your fleet going further, faster, with less downtime and more efficient maintenance? All of these clear, “bottom line” benefits are within your reach right now.

Covington can become a lasting part of your maintenance team or help you get “up to speed” fast. Simply reach out to our team today to get started.

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