Common Turbine Engine Maintenance Mistakes Can Ground You For The Holidays

Common Turbine Engine Maintenance Mistakes Can Ground You For The HolidaysIt’s a fact: During the holidays, when people are thinking about heading home, you are more likely to run into maintenance issues or find that maintenance is taking longer than usual.

A holiday dip in productivity is normal across a whole range of industries, but it’s crucial to make sure that the ebb and flow of the calendar doesn’t result in any kind of safety issue.

We all know that safety is paramount in aviation, but don’t forget that maintenance crews are also at risk: During the holiday season, workplace injuries also tend to increase.

That’s not only because of human error, but also because maintenance personnel will tend to spend more time outside and need to wrestle with icy and snowy conditions.


Quick Tips For Making Sure Turbine Engine Maintenance Errors Don’t Spoil Your Holiday

  1. Go Over Your Workplace Safety Procedures
    Even the most diligent teams can start to “take things for granted” after a while. Call a quick morning meeting to go over any areas of concern and really listen to feedback on safety issues.
  2. Make Sure You’re Getting Value From Checklists
    In the emergency room, checklists have the power to make sure all steps are taken in order and mistakes are minimized. That’s true in the hangar as well, so develop checklists for your team.
  3. Be Judicious About Scheduling
    You can’t go “short-handed” when it comes to aircraft maintenance, but be sure that no one is buckling under overwork. If concerns arise, consider using a licensed MRO maintenance team.


Covington Aircraft Can Help You To Re-Focus And Revitalize Your Engine Maintenance

Turbine engines can be enormously powerful, and they don’t require some of the manual actions or “finesse” of older radial engines. They also tend to be less temperamental overall — especially when you are using the latest Pratt & Whitney technology.

However, don’t let that apparent ease of use make you believe that turbine engine maintenance is always straightforward. As with any complex machine, there can be issues lying in wait “just under the hood” that should be addressed proactively.

Covington Aircraft is a respected Pratt & Whitney MRO that employs aviation experts with decades of experience. Our work runs the gamut between the most “tried and true” radials and the latest, most advanced turbine engines.

No matter what your turbine engine maintenance needs look like, Covington Aircraft can help you succeed. Call or email us today and let’s get started on a plan to boost your maintenance’s positive impact on your bottom line.

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