More People Are Seeking Careers In Aviation And Aircraft Engine Maintenance

More People Are Seeking Careers In Aviation And Aircraft Engine MaintenanceThroughout the United States, there is a new spirit of hope out there that’s the result of something very important: The “discovery” of parents, the media, and college-aged students of “STEM” careers in science, technology, education, and math.

Needless to say, aviation is one of the most exciting and attractive areas of STEM. Since the Bureau of Labor Statistics published its recent studies indicating that aviation will most likely remain a solid area of employment for the next decade, the news has really gotten around.


It’s Not Just Young People Who Are Seeking Great Careers In Aviation

Although a lot of the growth in aviation over the next decade will probably be represented by youngsters launching their first careers, they are not the only ones who are looking to the sky when it comes to great opportunities.

Aviation maintenance is an area that people on their second or even third career can get involved in. With the right technical aptitude and personal traits, it becomes possible to get important Federal Aviation Administration credentials within a relatively short time.

This stands to provide small and mid-sized fleets with important staffing options in the mid-term. However, it’s important to make sure that your roster of aircraft mechanics and technicians is not only “broad,” but “deep.”

That means ensuring that you have the expertise necessary to not only keep your aircraft flying, but make sure they are doing it in a cost-effective way that serves your strategic goals.

Naturally, it’ll take a while for new talent to reach that level!


The Field Of Aircraft Engine Maintenance May Grow, But Covington Stands For Quality

It’s definitely good to see that more people are out there stretching to reach their career goals in “STEM” and related fields — and that a new generation of aviation maniacs is coming strong.

However, experience will always trump enthusiasm when it comes to the complex and delicate work of aircraft engine maintenance, on which so much of your business and future depends.

Here at Covington, we welcome newcomers and seek to lead the way in terms of efficient, safe, effective aircraft engine maintenance that reduces your overall cost of ownership significantly.

Before you consider taking on an eager new hire, discuss your needs with Covington and see if we can provide you with an excellent caliber of service at a lower ongoing investment.

Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can help you soar.

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