Things Are Looking Up For Young People Who Consider An Aviation Career

Things Are Looking Up For Young People Who Consider An Aviation CareerIt was not that long ago when the United States was slogging through one of the longest and deepest recessions in the whole history of the nation.

One of the most potent parts of the recession was the lack of job growth and difficulty that people faced in finding new opportunities, even if they aggressively “retrained” for other fields of work.

However, job growth is beginning to strengthen, and more and more people have a positive outlook on the direction of the economy. All of this has been bolstered by particular bright points in various industries, including the aviation industry.


The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Predicts Clear Skies For Aviation

While there are plenty of areas of growth in the economy today, many of them are out of reach for people who have already launched a career elsewhere and don’t have the time or inclination to go back to college.

Over the next ten years, however, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts steady growth for aviation, especially in the areas that so many lovers of flight can get into throughout their lives: Aircraft maintenance and related technology.

That’s likely to translate to increased enrollment in training schools that focus on aviation, as well as more people with the core FAA qualifications. This is an exciting time, but it does raise a question: Whether you’re looking for maintenance or aircraft engines for sale, how can you be sure you are working with seasoned pros?


The Aviation Sector Shows Signs Of Strength In The Next Decade — And So Do We

As time goes on, odds are good that commercial fleet managers will see a wide variety of people and approaches in the world of aviation. Now’s the time to stake out the brands that you know you can rely on, like Covington Aircraft.

At Covington, our maintenance professionals have often been involved in aviation their entire lives. We dedicate ourselves to mastery of everything that Pratt & Whitney has to offer so you know you are dealing with a true licensed MRO when you need aircraft engines for sale.

If it’s time to outfit your existing fleet with new engines, improve the technology behind your maintenance routines, or get ready for a major expansion in your size — we can help you.

It’s an exciting time to be in aviation, so just reach out to Covington Aircraft to get the expert assistance you need. We look forward to partnering with you to reach your business goals.

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