Pratt & Whitney Wins Major New Department Of Defense Contract

Pratt & Whitney Wins Major New Department Of Defense ContractAs you can imagine, the process of getting and keeping a Department of Defense contract is a very complex one. So, the news that Pratt & Whitney has won a modification to amend its existing F-35 Lightning II contract to a whopping $1.05 billion stands out in aviation news.

Under the new agreement with the U.S. Air Force, Pratt & Whitney will not only be providing dozens of aircraft propulsion systems, but will also offer its unparalleled expertise in the areas of program management and aircraft engineering support.

As a licensed aircraft engine MRO with Pratt & Whitney, we are excited to see the company aggressively growing its footprint in the defense sector. As industry watchers can tell you, this often leads to great innovations that everyone can benefit from.

Pratt & Whitney Lauded For Low Cost Of Astonishing New Systems

As you can see in the source above, one of the most impressive aspects of the new Pratt & Whitney designs is how the company has realized tough engineering benchmarks at a low price.

A senior officer involved with the program lauded Pratt & Whitney for clear commitment to lower costs and maintain complete adherence to cost savings requirements put into place by the U.S. government.

This combination of stellar technology and a better price point isn’t just for the Department of Defense — it bodes well for fleet managers looking into Pratt & Whitney technology.


The Legendary Pratt & Whitney Is On The Rise — And You Can Be, Too, With Covington

Pratt & Whitney has its hand in some of the most vital applications of technology to matters of international safety. Sometimes, it can seem like these two aspects of the business are unrelated — but this isn’t the case.

Developing high performance hardware for the planet’s most demanding defense forces provides Pratt & Whitney with the insight it needs to continue pushing forward on innovations in the fast paced world of commercial aviation, too.

Some of the best new ideas in aircraft sensors and maintenance technology have come directly from these applications. With this new contract, Pratt & Whitney is really setting the pace!

If you’d like to benefit from the power and prestige of Pratt & Whitney technology, the opportunity is here … even if you are accustomed to using parts from another manufacturer in your current fleet.

Covington Aircraft can help you. Call or email us right away to discover more.

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