U.S. In Row With Europe Over Transatlantic Flight Rules

U.S. In Row With Europe Over Transatlantic Flight RulesAs anyone who has been involved in the management and maintenance of an air fleet knows, the regulations that drive the aviation industry are amazingly complex — and the average passenger has no idea just how complicated they can be!

Despite it all, though, aviation runs like a well-oiled machine most of the time. However, there are some cracks showing in the spirit of international solidarity that has made transatlantic travel so much easier in the last few years.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, authorities in the European Union are leveling claims that the U.S. is violating an agreement that smooths the process of transatlantic flights — by failing to provide Norwegian carrier Air Shuttle with timely service as it expands transatlantic offerings.


It Takes A Long Time To Change Aviation Regulations — And This Could Roll Them Back

It took more than a decade for the “open skies” agreement between the U.S. and Europe to be negotiated, and this is one of its roughest patches yet — Air Shuttle is currently in “limbo” as the Department of Transportation refuses to clarify a timeline for ruling on its business plan.

As recounted in the Wall Street Journal, this could be the thread that leads to the agreement’s unraveling — giving fleets that have a strong backing in international regulations an advantage in developing new routes while others worry about the implications.

Read more here: http://online.wsj.com/articles/european-union-considers-u-s-in-breach-of-aviation-accord-1417542360

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