What Is The Job Outlook Over The Next Ten Years For Aircraft Mechanics?

What Is The Job Outlook Over The Next Ten Years For Aircraft Mechanics?
Whenever there’s a lot of interest in any career field, it’s natural to ask yourself: What does the job outlook for this position look like for the next few years? After all, there’s no point in putting forth all the effort to change careers if the opportunities will dry up quickly.

The job outlook for aircraft mechanics is positive, and there’s good reason to believe that there’s plenty of time for people who would like to transition into this role to establish themselves in their new career.

The main source of information on how particular jobs will be looking in the future is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a federal government entity that does all kinds of research related to hiring trends and makes the information publicly available.

Each and every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes new facts on the job market.

One of the most valuable stats to look at for any profession is the rate at which it’s growing. Some areas are growing very quickly, while other areas are shrinking. In still other professions, it may be difficult to make sense of BLS statistics because certain job roles are combined.

What Does The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Have To Say About Aircraft Technology Jobs?

The outlook for aircraft mechanics is positive. BLS categorizes everyone in this area as “Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians,” so there’s no way the numbers can be misunderstood.

BLS predicts that there will be very little change in terms of the total number of job openings in the field over the next few years. These statistics are expected to be solid until 2022.

Generally speaking, BLS predictions are very reliable. However, there is actually some chance that the total number of aircraft mechanics and technicians will actually grow rather than remain steady.

Several new industries are opening up that may create unusual opportunities for aircraft mechanics. For example, commercial space flight organizations need plenty of people who understand how to handle high performance aircraft.

There may also be unforeseen factors that could increase the size of the U.S. commercial air travel industry, which is one of the main employers of aircraft mechanics. For example, if the price of oil continues to drop, air fleets may be able to expand.

Here at Covington Aircraft, we encourage anyone who is passionate about aircraft to dive into a career as an aircraft maintenance mechanic or technician. Aircraft engine maintenance is one of the keys to a safe and successful flight!

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