Are There Different Kinds Of Aircraft Mechanics Out There On The Tarmac?

Are There Different Kinds Of Aircraft Mechanics Out There On The Tarmac?For those just entering the aviation space, and even those who already have some level of experience, it can be challenging to know exactly what all of the different kinds of aircraft mechanics are and what their differing responsibilities may be.

There are several different types of aircraft mechanic, although these different areas represent specialties more than anything else. An experienced aircraft mechanic should be able to handle pre-flight inspections, check-ups and maintenance regardless of that person’s specialty.

However, there are some situations where specialized knowledge is vital, just as in any other field that is as complex as aviation.

Let’s consider some of the areas where mechanics can specialize and the job titles they get:

Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer (AMTE)

An aviation maintenance technical engineer is someone who has focused his or her studies on the interrelated parts of an aircraft and how performance issues in one area can impact others. He or she is aware of the most subtle changes in how parts operate, and can recommend changes and improvements that make a significant difference.

Avionics Technician

An avionics technician is someone who focuses on the wiring and electrical systems aboard an aircraft. Unlike an AMTE, whose focus might be mostly related to the engines and systems that influence efficiency, an avionics technician is responsible for the complex electronic instruments on a given craft. “Debugging” these instruments and ensuring adequate power is his or her focus.

Advanced Structures Technician

An advanced structures technician is someone who is knowledgeable about aircraft maintenance, but who also has knowledge of sheet metal, metal composites, and metallurgy. This gives them an edge when it comes to maintenance and repair of a wide variety of different large aircraft structures, especially those structures that are impacted by atmospheric conditions in flight.

All of the technical experts listed above bring plenty of insight to the table. A good maintenance team will have members that represent all of these different functional areas — and will bring them together in a cohesive, effective way.

Here at Covington Aircraft, we have cultivated an advanced aircraft maintenance team that combines all of the above specializations. That means we can adapt as necessary and always meet the needs of our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about our team and what makes it special, call or email Covington Aircraft. We are always interested in discussing maintenance with our potential clients.

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