What Kind Of Career Advancement Can An Aircraft Mechanic Enjoy?

What Kind Of Career Advancement Can An Aircraft Mechanic Enjoy?No matter what your background or interests may be, career advancement is a fun and exciting part of any job. It’s worthwhile to wonder whether aircraft technicians have such opportunities.

Becoming an aircraft mechanic or technician provides an interesting career track. Although it is relatively easy to get started in the field, a mechanic must be excellent to enjoy job promotions.

Mechanics and technicians who have achieved basic training in the field and are FAA certified can typically begin their careers with a $30,000 to $35,000 total compensation package. Even if they do not build any further credentials, they can achieve an average salary over $50,000.

However, some truly outstanding opportunities are available for those who are willing to push on a little bit further and expand their skills and knowledge in aviation.

What’s out there? Let’s take a closer look.

Aviation Mechanics Can Move Up To Project Leadership Roles

Becoming an aviation mechanic or technician at a basic level opens up your access to a fast-paced industry that is always growing and changing. One of the opportunities that many people pursue is to become a project manager.

A project manager is responsible for a single “project” with fixed duration, assets, and team members. Many aviation industry initiatives are structured as projects, and the leaders in these initiatives can achieve significant performance bonuses.

The Supervisory Track Is Ready For You

A project manager can typically move between organizations easily or even work for several different enterprises at the same time as a management consultant. But what are the options if you want to maintain your ties to a specific company?

If you have found an environment that you really enjoy working in, then you might look at ways to transition from technical work to the managerial track. There are several different approaches for this, usually involving some certifications or executive-level training.

If You Have Training Skills, You Can Reach The Top

When it comes to things like aircraft engine maintenance, which have a vanishingly small margin for error, the best trainers and teachers are highly valued.

Whether you decide to work for an educational institution or internally as a trainer of maintenance teams, you might find this another road to greater job perks.

No matter what approach you decide to take, always strive to improve yourself and do an even better job than before. That’s part of the creed that has made Covington Aircraft successful.

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