How Much Can An Aircraft Mechanic Earn During A Career?

How Much Can An Aircraft Mechanic Earn During A Career?One of the questions that’s most often asked about being an aircraft mechanic is exactly how much someone in that profession can expect to earn over the course of their career.

Compensation for an aircraft mechanic can vary widely based on a number of factors:

— Employer, whether a contractor, aerial fleet, government agency, or something else.
— Years of experience and ability to develop and maintain credentials in the industry.
— Specialization and whether it is in particular demand during current aviation trends.
— Region of the country and willingness to relocate to seek out the best opportunities.

Private Versus Public Employment For Aviation Professionals

Jobs at major private firms, such as Boeing, Raytheon, and others, are highly sought after and very competitive, but can have a compensation package more attractive than the average firm. The federal government also employs many aircraft mechanics. Although entry level salary can be relatively low, federal employment is distinguished by its great benefits packages and pension.

Experience And Credentials In Industry Knowledge

Most aircraft mechanics will want to acquire FAA certification early in their careers. FAA certification makes a mechanic much more attractive to employers because it confers the ability to certify an aircraft or component as “ready for flight” without checking in with a senior mechanic. A range of other credentials are optional, but can help improve compensation.

Specialization In Terms Of Aircraft Types Or Parts

There are many different specializations available to an aircraft mechanic, from aircraft maintenance technical engineers to avionics technicians and more. As the aviation industry changes, some of these specialties may be somewhat more in demand than others. For example, the advent of commercial spaceflight is creating new opportunities for those who have a strong background as advanced structure technicians.

Region Of The Country Where One Lives (Or Is Willing To Go)

Aircraft mechanics can find employment anywhere throughout the United States. However, there are some areas that tend to be better than others. The southwest, west, and northeast are all areas associated with major landmarks in the history of aviation. To this day, they offer a relatively high concentration of enterprises that need aircraft maintenance mechanics.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of an aircraft mechanic is more than $55,000. However, it can be much higher under some circumstances. Naturally, it can also be lower during the early years of a mechanic’s career.

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