What Kind Of Traits Do You Need To Become A Successful Aircraft Mechanic?

What Kind Of Traits Do You Need To Become A Successful Aircraft Mechanic?With patience and perseverance, it’s possible for just about anyone to reach any kind of career goal. There may be hard work and many challenges in the way, but the potential is boundless.
However, there are definitely certain traits that make you more effective at certain jobs. That is just as true of technical positions in aviation as it is in any other industry you could name.

Knowing all the ins and outs of aircraft engine maintenance is crucial, of course, but there are many other personal qualities and traits that can also help you to be a success in aviation.

Here at Covington Aircraft, we enjoy the opportunity to help people cultivate their knowledge and skill in aviation, an area about which our team members are very passionate.

In this post, we’ll discuss the three top “soft skills” that a leading aircraft technician or mechanic should try to cultivate. These make it far easier to achieve success and advance in aviation.

Detail Orientation

To be great in any form of mechanical maintenance, you need to know your major components well. In an aircraft, the behavior of the aircraft engine is the key barometer of performance, so detecting minor changes in the way it sounds, moves, or performs can be crucial. Translating those observations into efficient, effective maintenance is the next step.

Organization Skills

In many smaller commercial aircraft fleets, just one person is in charge of requisitioning all needed inventory, maintaining that inventory in an organized condition, handling all pre-flight inspections and maintenance, and documenting all issues. It’s vitally important to know how to prioritize things, stick to them and ensure that everything gets done.

Clear Communication

Technical professionals in a wide variety of fields have a “bad rap” when it comes to putting things into words. Technical documentation of your maintenance routine needs to be clear and error-free, so your written skills will come into play on a regular basis. Those with strong people skills can certainly find their chances of achieving a management role enhanced.

Naturally, a love for everything to do with aviation will also serve you well — whether you are interested in a purely technical role or wish to find a place in management. Even if you know all the technical details of an industry, there is a certain “spark” that comes from personal interest. In aviation or any other industry, nothing else is a substitute for it!

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