What Does An Aircraft Mechanic Actually Do, Anyway?

What Does An Aircraft Mechanic Actually Do, Anyway?The backbone of any good fleet of aircraft is a good team of aircraft mechanics. Your team of aircraft mechanics needs to be extremely well versed in everything to do with the safety and performance of your aircraft engine and other components.

While the engine may be considered the beating heart of an aircraft, a good aircraft engine maintenance mechanic needs to be able to spot issues with all of the different, interlocking systems of any aircraft, whether a small single-engine plane or large commercial jet.

An Aircraft Mechanic Does All Of The Following

Aircraft Inspections

Perhaps the most important thing that an aircraft mechanic does is handle pre-flight inspections for aircraft under his or her purview. These pre-flight inspections must be carried out according to exacting specifications every time, or else there might be serious technical issues during flight.

Aircraft Part Replacement

Aircraft engine maintenance and other areas of maintenance frequently require the mechanic to replace parts. The parts chosen must be completely compatible with the rest of the aircraft. This requires the mechanic to know parts from many different manufacturers “inside and out.”

If a part is not immediately available from the parts inventory located on site, then the mechanic will need to requisition the part. This requires him or her to be able to communicate maintenance needs effectively in writing, working with the rest of the team and with the aircraft parts vendors.

Aircraft Repairs

Whenever an aircraft flies, it is subject to tremendous operating pressures. That being the case, virtually any part of the aircraft’s components or structures may require repairs after any given flight. The mechanic must be able to evaluate the slightest change in a component’s behavior.

Aircraft repairs aren’t limited to dealing with issues that might arise after flight. Repairs can also encompass preventative maintenance. More and more aircraft manufacturers are focusing on the means of preventative maintenance, including new methods of cleaning out parts after flight.

You Need An Aircraft Engine Maintenance Team You Can Trust For Your Aircraft Fleet

Not every aerial fleet has the money to handle all aircraft engine maintenance “in house.” No matter what approach you take, however, it’s crucial that you can trust your maintenance team.

Call or email Covington Aircraft to find out more about the maintenance services that we can offer to both small and large commercial fleets. With our help, you can fly with peace of mind.

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