Where In The United States Do Most Aircraft Mechanics Work?

Where In The United States Do Most Aircraft Mechanics Work?Where in the United States would you expect to get a job as an aircraft mechanic?

In some ways, this is a bit of a trick question. The truth is, there are plenty of places all across the U.S. where you could find a job as an aircraft mechanic or technician with the right training.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released information suggesting that the total number of jobs in the field will remain steady between now and 2022, which is a good sign for many.

However, as with any industry, jobs aren’t necessarily distributed evenly all throughout the country. There’s bound to be a few places where getting a job will be easier, right?

Here at Covington Aircraft, we’ve met and worked with competent aircraft mechanics and technicians from all of the 50 states and all over the world. Even so, there are a few areas of the country where it just may be simpler to launch your aircraft mechanic career.

Once you’ve mastered aircraft engine maintenance, some of the best places to be are:

Hub Cities Used By Major Airlines

There are several cities throughout the United States that serve as hubs for the commercial airline industry. One of the most notable is Atlanta, Georgia, which is the hub for Delta flights. It goes without saying that New York City is also a great choice.

For the average airline passenger, hub cities are “those places you have to fly to and transfer,” and they may not necessarily make sense. For members of the aviation industry, however, these cities represent great opportunities.

Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley area is known for computer technology, but it should also be recognized as one of the most important engines of growth and change in aviation, as well. California has a high cost of living, but also a high number of private aerospace firms with great compensation.

The Southwest

As companies like Virgin Galactic take the first steps toward commercialized spaceflight, the southwest U.S. is shaping up to be an important region. One reason is because the wide open spaces in these states provide plenty of elbow room for test flights.

The Northeast

With New York City at the helm, the northeast is a good choice that’s steeped in plenty of aviation history. For those who are interested in expanding their careers to interact with pilots and technicians from around the world, the northeast is the gateway to the Atlantic.

No matter where you are, aircraft mechanics and technicians have great opportunities ahead of them. Always do your best and strive to improve — that’s the Covington Aircraft way.

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