How Does Someone Become An Aircraft Mechanic?

How Does Someone Become An Aircraft Mechanic?Becoming an aircraft mechanic is a methodical process. In terms of the time you must spend studying or training, it isn’t quite as strict as some other job roles in the aviation industry, but it does demand a very high degree of technical knowledge.

The first step in becoming an aircraft mechanic is to attend a program at a school that has been accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration. These schools are typically technical colleges that focus on two-year credentials in the aviation industry.

During this kind of program, you’ll learn a wide variety of skills that you will need to practice as an aircraft maintenance engineer. You will identify each component of an aircraft and be able to diagram them effectively, understanding their relationships.

You’ll also typically receive a firm foundation in other basic skills, such as documentation of issues, requisitioning materials effectively, and communicating with members of your team.

Once you’ve completed your program, you will be able to get started as an aircraft maintenance engineer right away. Generally speaking, you conduct your work with the guidance of a trained and certified senior engineer, although this is not always done as an “apprenticeship.”

What’s The Next Step After Achieving Basic Recognition As An Aircraft Mechanic?

After you’ve achieved your role as an aircraft mechanic, you might find that you want to proceed further in the career field. If so, you’ll have to become an FAA certified senior mechanic yourself.

FAA mechanic certifications require a combination of practical and classroom experience. They also call upon the applicant to complete a battery of tests, including written, oral, and practical.

FAA certification is an important step in one’s career for many reasons:

— Certification is necessary in order to perform maintenance work without another’s supervision.
— Certification is required in order to authorize any aircraft or component for a return to service.
— Certification shows that you are focused and serious about your career so you can advance.

Because of the prestige and potential growth in compensation associated with FAA certification, many aircraft maintenance mechanics focus their early efforts on achieving this high standard.

A large number of maintenance mechanics are able to reach certification within about two years thanks to the way classroom experience can allow you to waive work experience requirements. Some accelerated programs may even allow students to reach their requirements faster.

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