An Introduction To PT6A Engines For Sale And What To Expect From The PT6A Model

An Introduction To PT6A Engines For Sale And What To Expect From The PT6A ModelEveryone who has been involved in aviation for a while knows at least a little about Pratt & Whitney and the company’s PT6A engine model, which has long been one of the top in the world when it comes to performance for commercial aircraft.

In 2012 and again in 2013, the PT6 line was reinvigorated with new technology. The PT6A engines were enhanced with additional models, allowing them to deliver excellent performance to a wide variety of large aircraft.

What are the major features of PT6A engines? There are actually several different aspects to these engines that make them extremely popular in both large fleets and smaller commercial businesses, such as specialty charter jet organizations.

The PT6A engine is:

  • A “powerhouse” that achieves one of the best “power to weight” ratios of any aircraft engine.
  • Extremely reliable, giving it one of the longest service lives of any engine if maintained right.
  • Highly versatile, having been used well under extreme conditions in the Arctic and Amazon.
  • Available in “small,” “medium” and “large” configurations to suit virtually any aircraft.

With low emissions and higher maintenance intervals than virtually any comparable engine, you can get a tremendous amount of value from a PT6A if you purchase it from a reputable source that can introduce you to the intricacies of keeping it in flight.

It’s important not to over-maintain the PT6A, and to focus on the areas that are more likely to require attention. That being the case, getting inside insights from maintenance pros who focus on PT6A is a good way to reduce maintenance hours while ensuring performance excellence.

PT6A engines for sale need to be selected based on the specific needs and uses for your aircraft. Once the right choice is made, however, you can find that they have some of the lowest costs of operation in the industry.


With Covington Aircraft, You’ll Understand Why The PT6A Is Considered The Best Worldwide

When it comes to getting maximum performance out of any aircraft engine, there are two major steps: Source it from the most trustworthy experts available and then give excellent maintenance.

When you get a chance to see what the PT6A can do for your fleet, you will understand why it is consistently ranked one of the best commercial engines in the world. To get all the value from it that you can, though, partnering with an MRO like Covington Aircraft is essential.

If you are just switching to Pratt & Whitney products, we can help you understand the major differences in how the PT6A line performs and how maintenance is different with this engine.

If you are developing your fleet or upgrading from previous Pratt & Whitney products, then we can help you select the right engines for you and keep your airplanes flying longer and faster.

Leap into the efficiency of PT6A by calling Covington Aircraft now!

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