PT6A Lauded As One Of World’s Best Commercial Engines By Aviation International News

Historic scan pt6 engine application
Historic scan pt6 engine application

When it comes to commercial aircraft engines, there are several different media outlets that the most experienced pilots and fleet managers know they can trust. One of these is Aviation International News, a trusted outlet that was founded all the way in 1972.

AIN provides daily, on-site updates during the proceedings of some of the world’s best industry conventions and airshows. It also manages and organizes airshows in locations including Dubai, England, France, and Singapore.

To say that AIN has its finger on the pulse of aviation would be an understatement. Industry pros from both the flight side and the manufacturing side of aviation keep an eye on this publication each year — especially when it’s time for its annual ratings of aircraft, engines, and other components.

Thus, when the Pratt & Whitney AT6A achieves one of the highest rankings provided by AIN, it’s a cause for celebration for the company — and a clarion call for those making aircraft engine purchasing decisions.


PT6A Series Frequently Makes Headlines In Major Aviation News Sources

Recently, the PT6A engine series has been recognized by AIN and others as one of the top commercial airline engines around. AIN and other enterprises also keep a close watch on the ongoing evolution of the series.

For example, you may know that Pratt & Whitney released the PT6A-140 in late 2012, with better performance in terms of climbing, takeoff, and “hot and high” operation. Plus, the PT6A-140 maintained the length of its 114 predecessor, optimizing its power-to-weight.

PT6 continued to evolve in 2013, the 50th anniversary of the series, and both AIN and other venues reported it with zeal. During this reassessment, the company reacted to the need for larger-size options that would be appropriate for bigger commercial aircraft.


From The PT6A To Pratt & Whitney’s Next Major Innovation, Covington Will Be There

Pratt & Whitney has dominated the scene over recent years when it comes to the quality of their commercial aircraft engines. It’s only a matter of time before the great iterative progress the firm has made results in the development of an excellent new engine.

From the PT6A to the future of aircraft engines, from turbine to radial, Covington Aircraft will always be behind you when you need the greatest Pratt & Whitney products around. We never rest when it comes to getting maximum performance and service life from Pratt & Whitney.

If you want to harness the power of “best in class” engines for your commercial fleet, all you have to do is give us a call today. Our engineers and crew members are passionate about flight and understand the business of aircrafts.

Don’t delay: Get started with us now and experience what an MRO can do for you.

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