Pratt & Whitney Soon To Shake Up The World Of Aircraft Engines For Sale

Pratt & Whitney Soon To Shake Up The World Of Aircraft Engines For SaleFor decades, Pratt & Whitney has been considered one of the top names in the world of commercial aircraft engine development. Not only does Pratt & Whitney provide some of the world’s top-ranked commercial engines, but it also has a network of government contracts.

Over the last few weeks, Pratt & Whitney has enjoyed several important milestones:

  • It has driven a major deal with the Pentagon to provide more engines for F-35 fighter jets.
  • It has announced that engine production across multiple lines will double in the next decade.
  • It has named a new head of its commercial engine division to shepherd its upcoming launches.
  • It has electrified the commercial aircraft engine world with its new geared turbofan engine.


The Geared Turbofan From Pratt & Whitney May Represent The Next Generation Of Engines

Pratt & Whitney has achieved more than 6,000 agreements and orders for the new geared turbofan (GTF) engine, which appears in the Airbus A320-Neo and other innovative crafts.

The Pratt & Whitney GTF is the next step in commercial aircraft engines, providing a variety of performance gains. Higher reliability, “best in class” pressure ratios and greater temperature control are all expected to contribute to reduced maintenance costs.

Of course, those who are still using the legendary PT6A Pratt & Whitney engines don’t have anything to worry about: The company’s increased production capacity may, in fact, drive down costs for these engines.


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