Good Radial Engine Maintenance Will Keep You Flying Longer

Good Radial EngineIs your fleet using radial engines? Radial engines are some of the most advanced aircraft engines around, providing you with a number of terrific benefits over older and more traditional turbine engines.

However, it’s important to understand that the methods used to maintain radial engines are a bit different from what might work with turbine engines. Plus, newer and more effective methods of cleaning and maintaining parts are being tested out all the time.

How do radial engines compare? Let’s look at some of the basics:

Radial Engines Are Generally Easier To Maintain

All other things being equal, radial engines are somewhat easier to maintain than traditional turbine engines. This can mean that maintenance is a little bit more efficient and takes a bit less time than it might with older engines, increasing the fleet size each engineer can handle.

Radial Engines Can Benefit From More Advanced Maintenance Techniques

When top manufacturers such as Pratt & Whitney develop great new radial engines, they do it with an eye toward extending the functional life and improving overall safety. In practice, this means some radial engines can benefit from advanced cleaning and other maintenance methods.

Radial Engines Pack More Power Into A Smaller Space

The size of your engine can have a profound effect on overall fuel consumption. Luckily, radial engines can be designed to pack more thrust into a smaller space. This helps to contribute to their overall fuel efficiency and can improve route timelines for small and large aircrafts alike.

There is a learning curve associated with radial engines, so getting a benefit from them right away means working with an MRO. A good MRO not only provides you with the parts you need, but maintenance expertise and guidance in training your organization to make use of the latest techniques available.

To Get The Most From Your Radial Engines, Trust In The Best In The Industry

Radial engines from Pratt & Whitney represent an astonishing feat of aerial engineering. With the right engine, you can completely revitalize an aircraft and help ensure a smoother flight.

However, maintaining radial engines isn’t quite the same as maintaining turbine engines, and the larger your fleet becomes, the more important it is to handle every maintenance task precisely.

Call or email Covington Aircraft today to learn more about the best ways to secure maximum performance from your radial engines. We are always looking for new ways to help our clients.

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  1. It would make sense that more advanced engines would benefit from more advanced forms of repair. Getting an aircraft engine overhaul would probably do something similar to the needs of your plane because it would help your engines get upgraded to the more modern technology. Hiring a professional to take care of things wouldn’t be hard though because most should have knowledge of how to make any repairs necessary.

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