The Process Of Becoming An Authorized Pratt & Whitney MRO

The Process Of Becoming An Authorized Pratt & Whitney MROIf you have been in the aviation market for a while, you know a little bit about MROs.

MROs work directly with the manufacturers of high quality aircraft parts, particularly the most sophisticated parts — such as the engine — that are responsible for your aircraft’s performance.

You already know that an MRO is your best bet when you are looking for quality parts at an affordable price. An MRO also knows all the secrets of the best maintenance routines for each part — which is what makes Covington Aircraft such a valuable ally to companies like yours.

However, what you might not know is that becoming an MRO is a challenging process — and it’s one that doesn’t end when the initial MRO status is achieved. Let’s take a closer look.

A Quick Review Of The Top Qualifications Of Aircraft Component MROs

In order to become an MRO, the enterprise needs to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and competency in the specific domain of the aviation company the would-be MRO works with.

That includes showing knowledge in both practical and written forms, developing comprehensive knowledge of different aircraft parts and how to maintain them.

Once the initial certification is achieved, that’s not the end of the story. In order to maintain MRO status, a variety of continuing development requirements must be met regularly.

You could think of MRO status as analogous to some of the stricter certifications in other industries, such as the automobile industry and even the computing industry.

Considering the extreme safety standards and the importance of reputation in aviation, however, thousands of hours can be spent in both getting and maintaining the MRO status.

It’s Not Easy To Become An Authorized MRO, But It’s Easy To Do Business With One

The U.S. aviation industry has long been one of the strictest in the world, and for good reason. In order to protect your company’s reputation and bottom line, always work with the best.

It’s not easy for any enterprise, regardless of its size or years of experience, to gain and maintain authorized MRO status with a top aircraft parts company. Covington Aircraft has achieved it.

If you want to get quick and simple access to a world of excellent Pratt & Whitney parts and components, you have the ability to it by partnering with Covington Aircraft starting today.

Call or email us to get personalized advice on how we can help you maintain your fleet.

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